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Foot Swelling After Auto Accident


Dear TAI Experts:

I had a car wreck and severely stove up my foot, which is swollen and blue. How long should this be this way?


Without doing an examination I am unable to comment on the specifics of your condition. In general, the healing process occurs in phases. The first inflammation, followed by the second and third which help remodel injured tissues. That being said, it is normal to have swelling and bruising after an injury. However, this shouldn’t last more than a week or two, depending on the extent of your injury. Some general techniques that can help to progress through the inflammatory stage are rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If your foot has been bothering you for longer than a few weeks, you may want to have it evaluated by a physical therapist to determine the cause of this continued swelling.

Josiah Faville PT, DPT

Foot Swelling After Auto Accident


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