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Hip Pain After A Fall


Dear TAI Experts:

I fell on my right hip and had a large bruise on my butt cheek (no breaks). Now some months later Iam having pain on the top of my right pelvic bone which sometimes radiates into my back. Could this be coming from the fall?


Without a physical examination, it is difficult to say exactly the reason for the right pelvic bone and back pain. Although it appears as if the initial bruising from the fall has resolved, it is also possible that the fall could have injured the joints and/or ligaments in the sacrum, hip, and/or lumbar spine. Injury to the joints or ligaments could account for continued pelvic bone pain and pain radiating into the back. A physical therapy evaluation would be recommended to assess these joints and the surrounding muscles for the potential sources of the pelvic and back pain. Individual treatment programs are developed based upon impairments found in the initial evaluation and may include joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and a home exercise program including strengthening and flexibility exercises and modalities for pain relief.

Laura Evans PT, DPT

Hip Pain After A Fall


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