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Mid Back Muscle Spasms


Dear TAI Experts:

I was diagnosed with muscle spasms last week and was given ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. It  helped during the day, but when I lay down flat on my back or stomach, I feel severe mid upper back pain, pressure, and tightness. Please help.


I am sorry to hear about your back pain. Without doing a thorough examination I am not able to comment on your specific condition, but I can give you some general information to assist you. Muscle spasms can have several causes, including irritation of a nerve, excessively using a muscle, or excessively stretching a muscle. These conditions can happen secondary to abnormal posture/body mechanics, abnormal joint mobility, unbalanced musculature, etc… I would recommend that you consult your local physical therapist. As an expert of examination of the muscles, nerves, and joints, a physical therapist will evaluate you and design a personalized plan of care to address your specific needs.

Victor Prati PT, DPT

Mid Back Muscle Spasms


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