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Rotator Cuff and Bicep Repair


Dear TAI Experts:

5 weeks ago I had a rotator cup and bicep repair done. The doctor said he used anchors. I feel I am progressing good but every once in a while if I jerk my arm just the slightest bit I get a sharp pain above my elbow in the front of my arm. Could it be something happened after surgery or is this normal? Thank You, Kathy


After a rotator cuff repair, the tendons need time to heal. During this early period, fast movements can cause pain. It has been shown that the shoulder joint can refer pain to the upper arm, and this could be the cause of the pain you are describing. Are you receiving physical therapy? A physical therapist aids in the rehabilitation process after a rotator cuff surgery. They can help accelerate healing and obtain better functional outcomes. If you are receiving physical therapy, discuss this pain with your therapist. If you are not receiving therapy, you might think about discussing the possibility of physical therapy with your surgeon.

Beth Welander, PT, DPT

Rotator Cuff and Bicep Repair


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