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Sharp Ankle Pain With Bending


Dear TAI Experts:

I have been getting a sharp pain at the bend of my ankle. It only hurts when I bend my ankle upwards toward my chin. It feels as though something is stabbing the inside of the bottom of my ankle. I play soccer and when I plant my left foot to shoot, the pain just gets worse. At times I can’t even stand on it. I have tried wrapping my ankle but it doesn’t seem to change. What is wrong, and what can I do?


Without examining your ankle I cannot comment specifically on your condition, but pain through the front of your ankle with sports and movement could be created by dysfunction of the cartilage, muscles, ligaments, or bone. Sometimes old ankle sprains can create stiffness through the front of the ankle that impairs both movement and bearing weight with activity. A referral to a local physical therapist for creation of an individualized program of stretching and strengthening can help return the ankle to movements that are closer to normal and decrease pain when playing soccer.

Christine Fletcher PT, DPT

Sharp Ankle Pain With Bending


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