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Sharp, Shooting Pain in Ankle


Dear Ask the Experts:

Sometimes when I walk it’s fine but then other times I have a sharp shooting pain in the back of my ankle. What is it from please?


Without performing an evaluation I can only make a general comment.  The body is made up of a complex group of joints, muscles and ligaments that work together to provide the body with a flexible and strong system of pulleys to allow for normal walking.   Examples of possible causes of pain in the back of the ankle are Achilles tendonitis, bone spurs, bursitis, or joints in the ankle or rearfoot that pinch or have limited mobility.  In general, if pain is affecting the ability to walk or perform normal functional activities, an evaluation by a physical therapist would be recommended.  They would analyze walking mechanics and evaluate joints, bones and soft tissues like muscles, nerves and blood vessels for dysfunction and contribution to the pain and make the appropriate treatment recommendations.

Matthew S. Rogers, DPT

Sharp, Shooting Pain in Ankle


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