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Therapy After Hip Replacement Surgery?


Dear TAI Experts:

My mother who is 58 recently had both hips replaced at separate times, but both with no physical therapy or anything perscribed afterwords. I was wondering if this sounds just as crazy to you as it does to me and if there are any experts in this area that you could refer me to in the Eugene or Springfield area. Thank you for your time.


Thanks for inquiring about Physical Therapy after hip replacements. Total hip replacement surgeries have become so successful in recent years that many physicians do not feel people need physical therapy after their hospital stay. This may be true for some, but from a physical therapist point of view, there are usually issues that could be helped with outpatient follow up. For instance, many people who undergo a total hip replacement have had difficulty for years before the surgery. The human body tends to adopt dysfunctional movement patterns in response to pain and range of motion limitations. After a hip replacement, the body may keep these mal adaptive movement patterns simply because it’s familiar. Physical Therapy can help regain normal, healthy movement patterns and muscle strength that doesn’t necessarily come back after surgery. I can say that it’s not uncommon for people who have had hip replacements without complications to not get an outpatient physical therapy referral. I can also say that most physical therapists would still recommend some follow care on an outpatient basis. Physicians are usually very receptive to the requests for PT when asked. There are many good Physical Therapists in the Eugene area. My bias would be send you to a TAI clinic (web site) but I’ll also tell you that any outpatient therapist with manual orthopedic training will likely do a good job with your mom. You have a lot of good options in Eugene. In addition to our web site, you may also have luck locating a PT at

David Deppeler, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

Therapy After Hip Replacement Surgery?


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