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Toe Popping – Big Toe


Dear TAI Experts:

Ever since I was a little girl my big toe on my left foot has popped when I walk! If I don’t have shoes on you can hear me walking around the house due to the insistent popping coming from my big toe. What is causing this and is there any way to prevent this from continuing?


I can’t comment specifically on your foot without an examination, but I can make some general recommendations. The “popping” sound often heard at joints can be made by a lot of different things, which include gas being released in the joint, a tendon snapping over bone, two joint surfaces sliding past each other, etc. I generally recommend that unless it is painful or limits function in some capacity, it really isn’t something to worry about. If it is limiting or painful you should follow up with your doctor or a physical therapist.

Valerie Hilton, PT, MS

Toe Popping – Big Toe


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