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Twitching Calf Muscles


Dear TAI Experts:

Why are the muscles in my right calf continuously ‘jumping’ or ‘twitching’? It started maybe a week ago and sometimes it occurs in the left as well. Thanks.


Without performing a physical exam of your leg I cannot speculate on exactly what is happening in your calves. Muscle twitching, or fasciculation, may be caused by several conditions. Dehydration, nutritional changes, salt imbalance, recent increase in activity, changes in circulation, muscle damage, or local or distant nerve problems can all cause muscle twitching. If this condition continues or if you notice weakness, pain, or loss of function in your legs, I recommend you contact your medical doctor for further evaluation and treatment. Best of luck!

Ben Bleazard, PT, DPT

Twitching Calf Muscles


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