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  • Canyon Park (Bothell) Physical Therapy
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Canyon Park (Bothell) Physical Therapy

About the Clinic

Canyon Park Physical TherapyCanyon Park Physical Therapy is proud to serve the Bothell Community. Our team of experts includes two physical therapists to support your overall health and wellness. We strive to help our patients achieve healthy, pain-free movement that maximizes performance and enjoyment in work, recreational, and athletic activities. Healing is promoted by reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion and strength, and improving posture, body awareness, and body mechanics.

Our priority is to help you return to full function and stay there. We are dedicated to promoting overall wellness with a focus on good body mechanics, continued strength, and flexibility. From initial diagnosis through recovery, we will teach you how to take control of your body and its healing process.

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Precision Sports Performance (PSP)

Precision Sports Performance (PSP)

Canyon Park (Bothell) Physical Therapy


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Therapeutic Associates Donates $1,000 to The WAVE Foundation

Cycle the Wave

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy has proudly supported a $1,000 donation to The WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Seattle whose mission is to end domestic violence by increasing awareness of domestic violence and by raising funds to benefit victims of abuse. “We nominated The WAVE Foundation to receive the $1,000 because it generously funds organizations across the state that do powerful work to support those affected by domestic violence, and to develop programs that strive to end the cycle of violence. We have been supporters of the WAVE Foundation for many years, primarily through their ... read more »


Seattle Cyclist 2014 Lecture Series

Seattle Cyclist 2014 Lecture Series

The 2014 Seattle cyclist lecture series is designed to educate new and experienced riders by licensed physical therapists who are qualified in cross training, bike fits, and injury prevention.  Space is limited, so please RSVP. There will be physical therapists available pre-lecture for injury screen, so come early with your questions. We will also be giving away free registrations for Cycle the WAVE and foam rollers at each event. Don’t miss our two group ride sessions in August where you will put everything you learned into action! Cross Training for the Cyclist   |  January 30, 2014  |  Canyon Park Physical Therapy Presenter: Chris ... read more »


The Reality Behind Balance Problems

Download Flyer (PDF)

Are you, or a loved one, experiencing difficulty maintaining balance resulting in constant stumbling or even falling? Loss of balance is a common issue as we age which may result in falls leading to broken bones and/or hospital stays. You may be asking yourself how do I deal with my balance problems and prevent this fate. Proper balance is achieved through a delicate coordination of three different parts of your body’s neuromuscular system: the somatosensory system, vision, and the vestibular system. The somatosensory system is your body’s way of interpreting sensation which can aid in determining the body’s position in space. ... read more »


Dynamic Stretching – The Proper Way to Warm-up

With summer approaching many of us are beginning to return to outdoor activities including running, soccer, volleyball and many others. These activities place an increased amount of stress to the body which can lead to injury without the proper warm up and stretching routine. In the past the focus has been on completing static stretching, where you hold a stretch for 30-60 seconds at a time, prior to completion of exercise. While static stretching is beneficial following exercise recent research has shown completion of dynamic stretching, rather than static, is better prior to exercise. But many people have never even ... read more »


Doctors of Physical Therapy


All of our PTs are Doctors of PT: An explanation of the transition to a doctoring profession and becoming an entry point for musculoskeletal care You may not be familiar with your physical therapist referring to themselves as Doctor, but as our profession has grown and evolved of the years, so too has our level of training. In the beginning days of physical therapy and physical therapist was able to complete a 4 year Bachelor degree in order to be able to treat. As time went on, and the knowledge of the human body and rehabilitation progressed, the standard of education for our ... read more »

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Testimonials for Canyon Park (Bothell) Physical Therapy

  1. As a result of a fall, my elbow and shoulder required extensive surgical repair and lots of hardware. After the surgery I was surprised to find that my arm atrophied and became almost useless within a couple of weeks. Fortunately my surgeon sent me to physical therapy. At Canyon Park PT, Physical Therapist Sarah Macomber and her assistants Kevin and Rose worked me hard and effectively for four months and the result was a nearly complete recovery. To say that physical therapy got my arm back is not an exageration.

    Tom Buchmeier
  2. I have a lower back problem which when aggravated makes it hard for me to walk and do anything active. At Canyon Park PT Chris and his assistant Kevin helped me get back on track doing some of the things I love to do. While going through therapy I found out about the Core Training Classes, which resulted in me signing my wife and I up for them. We are on our third week and really enjoy them. Thank You Guys!

    Mike Anderson
  3. I spent 3 weeks in Peru, including a 4 day hike on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, a challenging and rewarding trek.
    This is me at the highest point; the pass of Dead Woman Pass, 12,300 feet.

    Wendy Micklus
  4. Dear Sarah
    I am coming up on the two year anniversay of my Uber Klutzy fall and damage to my left elbow and shoulder. Since moving to Colorado I have built upon your excellent treatment by becoming involved in a local fitness program. As you may recall I am older than dirt so there is little chance that I will be in competition with Arnold. However, by working with the exercises that you had me doing and some mild weight training, I now have a very good range of motion together with pretty good strength and control.
    Thanks for my arm.
    Tom Buchmeier

    Two Year Update

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