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2013 Portland Golf Show / February 22 – 24

2013 Portland Golf Show

  Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is once again proud to sponsor the upcoming 2013 Portland Golf Expo. Come visit us at the Golf Performance booth for great tips on golf performance and injury prevention. We will be providing demonstrations this year on a proper dynamic warm-up to help golfers avoid injury.

Event Location:

Oregon Convention Center - Hall D 777 NE ML King Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

Show Hours:

Friday, February 22 / 11AM – 5PM Saturday, February 23 / 9AM – 5PM Sunday, February 24 / 9AM – 4PM

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $11 Seniors (60+): $9 Kids (12 & under): Free Click here to visit the 2013 Portland Golf Show website > Click here to avoid the ... read more »


RUN Training Program

Establishing a balance between your strength, flexibility and training is the key to success in any running regime. Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is excited to announce it's partnership with FitRight and it's RUN program. This injury prevention program is designed to help get your training started on the right foot, alleviate any aches or pains, and assure that you are on the correct path to a healthy running program. For more information about the RUN Program, click here...


Now Offering Injury Prevention Clinics For Runners & Walkers

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Walkers or Runners - Train Harder, Avoid Injury, Improve Flexibility Injury Prevention Clinics are currently being offered by appointment at our clinic. Screening includes individual consultation, including treatment options, lower extremity flexibility and proprioception screening, videotape gait analysis, and proper footwear recommendations. Call the clinic today to schedule an appointment. Cost: $75


Stretching for Hiking

Athletic Woman - Stretches stock

Hiking provides a unique opportunity to raise your fitness level while enjoying the beauty of nature, but a component of hiking that is often forgotten is the importance of stretching. It is essential to maintain a stretching program year round in order to prevent injuries due to steep and often uneven terrain, such as river crossing and boulder fields. Injuries often occur when the weather begins to warm up. During the winter, people are more sedentary and begin hikes or other outdoor activities when the sun comes out, but they are not properly conditioned. Stretching after a hike combined with a ... read more »


Training Tips and Core Strengthening for Triathletes

Matt Booth - Nationals Finish

Training for a triathlon can be very demanding on the body because it involves three sport disciplines that require different muscles. Here are a few training tips and core stabilization exercises. Swim Train in the water you will race in (i.e. lake, pool, or open water) Train using the distance you will be swimming during the triathlon Always make sure to practice the transition from swimming to biking, as some people will feel unbalanced when exiting the water Bike Do a bike fit before you even start training to help prevent injuries due to poor biomechanics Keep even pressure throughout pedal stroke and do not bounce upper ... read more »