Staff Spotlight — Getting to Know Justin Seamons

physical therapist Justin Seamons of NW Boise PT

When he isn’t helping others overcome movement challenges or optimize their sports performance, Justin Seamons is typically exploring Boise with his wife and their chocolate lab – wandering local hiking trails or sampling new food at one of the area’s numerous restaurants.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Katie Duke

physical therapist Katie Duke

As an adventurous and athletic mother of two, physical therapist Katie Duke rarely slows down, balancing her dedication to helping patients with pursing her own passions.

PTA Spotlight — Getting to know Lisa Holden Jackson

physical therapy assistant Lisa Holden Jackson

While she has dedicated more than three decades to a career in physical therapy, outside of work, Lisa can usually be found outdoors – on long walks or adventurous hikes, or in the kitchen – perfecting recipes for healthy meals and treats to enjoy with her family.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Mindy English

physical therapist Mindy English of Eagle Idaho

As a PT, seeing patients get back to the things they love with the help of physical therapy motivates and energizes Mindy English. Outside of the clinic, time with family and friends fills her bucket and keeps her smiling every day.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Shelby Hyde

Physical therapy in SE Boise - Shelby Hyde

Shelby Hyde is passionate about patient care and getting people back to the things they love. As a runner and a busy dad, he not only recognizes the importance of pain-free movement, but he also considers it non-negotiable.

Take Action on Osteoporosis!

two women walk in nature across a stone bridge on a cool afternoon using trekking pole for balance

Unlock the secrets to strong bones! In this blog, you will learn how bone density impacts fracture risks, who’s at higher risk, and the key steps to safeguard your bone health.

PT Spotlight — Getting to know Kristen Dunlay

physical therapist Kristen Dunlay

While Kristen Dunlay is passionate about her ability to positively impact other people’s lives, she never loses sight of the things that she loves outside of the clinic, which happen to mostly be outside.

PT Spotlight — Getting to know Brian Weiderman

Physical therapist Brian Weiderman at Meridian Physical Therapy

Having always been drawn to adventure and outdoor recreation — from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between — Brian appreciates that his role as a PT in Meridian means he gets to help other people get out and enjoy some of the same activities he loves.

Hip-Hinging Issues in Youth Athletes


The hip hinge is an important movement in everyday life for all of us. But it is a crucial pattern athletes need to perfect in order to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and support long-term health.

PT Spotlight — Getting to know Rob Barnes

physical therapist Robert Barnes is the clinic director at Therapeutic Associates in Boise on State Street

As a physical therapist, Rob Barnes strives to keep patients smiling and motivated to reach their goals. Outside of the clinic, he finds adventure throughout the Boise area and beyond.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Kala Whitworth and Collin Reid

physical therapists Kala Whitworth and Collin Reid are brother and sister teammates at Boise Physical Therapy on State Street

Hailing from eastern Montana, sister and brother duo Kala Whitworth and Collin Reed are self-professed royalty at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Boise State Street. When they’re not in the clinic, the royal Kala and Collin each pursue their passions with their whole hearts.

PT Spotlight — Getting to know Carolyn Forrester

Physical therapist Carolyn Forrester

For PT Carolyn Forrester, being able to provide physical therapy in Lynnwood, WA. is a fulfilling chapter in her professional journey. Outside the clinic, Carolyn finds joy catching a local football game, trying a new brewery or exploring with her daughter.

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