Clinic Spotlight — South Hillsboro

PT Emily Quinn works with a pediatric patient

The physical therapy team at Therapeutic Associates South Hillsboro Physical Therapy takes pride in being a resource for the expansive Hillsboro community. The clinic boasts an upbeat, fun atmosphere where patients of all ages – from infants to great grandparents and everyone in between – are supported and inspired to work hard to reach their goals.

Ground Reaction Force in Your Golf Swing – April 2024

Golf Workshop - Ground Reaction Forces - Sept 7 - Header

How to Get More in 2024 to Increase Your Driver Swing Speed Join TPI Certified Physical Therapist Chris Cooper for a 2-session seminar at the Athletic Club of Bend on how to gain swing speed through increasing the amount of weight you can push through the ground. This clinic goes through the biomechanical principles of […]

Staff Spotlight — Getting to Know Jocelyn Davis

massage therapist West Linn PT Jocelyn Davis

As someone who enjoys the outdoors and being active, Jocelyn Davis understands the importance of pain-free movement and values the opportunity to help people achieve it, both in her role as administrative coordinator and as a massage therapist.

PT First for Low Back Pain

manual therapy for low back pain

If you are among the majority of the population that experiences low back pain, remember that physical therapy should be your first line of defense to recovery so you can get back to doing what you enjoy!

5 Tips for Pain-Free Gardening

African American Grandma and granddaughter gardening together

Bending, lifting, pushing, and pulling can wake up those aches and pains that tend to lay low during the slower activity levels of the winter months, and put us in positions susceptible to injury. But gardening does not have to be harmful to the body.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Bailey Ouellette

South Hillsboro clinic director Bailey Ouellette

Physical therapist Bailey Ouellette is committed to providing personalized care designed to help people reach their individual goals. With two little kids of her own, she enjoys family outings and adventures whether at the local parks or during trips to the beach.

PT Spotlight — Getting to Know Emily Quinn

Getting to know PT Emily Quinn

For physical therapist Emily Quinn, specializing in developmental pediatric PT was a natural career progression. Play for Emily is not only part of her professional life, but it’s what keeps her enjoying life outside of work, too.

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