A dynamic warm-up routine should be performed prior to activity to prepare the body for the demands of a workout. Dynamic movements are the best way to prepare your body for dynamic workouts. Contrary to old beliefs, the best time to work on static flexibility is at the end of your workout, not in the beginning. After every workout, you should follow a total body static stretching series.

The great thing about a comprehensive dynamic warm-up routine is that it does not take any more time than the more traditional stretching method, but is much more focused, effective, and productive. Since your warm-up routine sets the tone for the entire workout, these are just the qualities you should be looking for.

The specific advantages of a dynamic warm-up routine, by comparison with the more traditional “sit and stretch” routine, are as follows:

  • Increases core body temperature and blood flow to muscles
  • Enhances muscle elasticity and lubricates joints
  • Increases heart rate and respiratory rate, which is the body’s preparation for the demands of a workout
  • It prepares the muscles and joints in a more sport-specific manner than static stretching
  • It enhances coordination and motor ability and revs up the nervous system

A series of dynamic movements will develop flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, and strength.

General Dynamic Warm Up

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