Health Benefits of Resistance Training for Women 


Resistance training can be beneficial for everyone. Often, women miss out on the benefits of resistance training because of false information about how their bodies will respond to exercise with resistance. Here are 4 truths about resistance training for women.

Optimize Your Golf Swing and Avoid Injury


Physical Therapist and Certified Titleist Performance Institute Practitioner Zach Bauling demonstrates 5 simple exercises to help you achieve the optimal balance of mobility & stability to hit bombs on the golf course and keep you healthy all season long.

Should I Warm Up Before Golf? 


Golf courses are a popular place for people to get outside and get moving. Failing to properly prepare for the rigors of 18 holes, however, can lead to injury. Reduce your risk of injury by committing to a dynamic warm-up before you walk onto the tee box on the first hole every time you play.

Shoulder Strengthening for Baseball 


Shoulder strengthening can help reduce the risk of injury and soreness after throwing. Follow this 4-week shoulder program to help build shoulder strength and coordination for baseball or softball players of any age. All exercises can be done from your own home with limited time and equipment.

Top 3 Tips for Running Training 


These 3 tips are key to success when jumping into a new running routine. Follow these guidelines, designed to help maximize your chances of sticking with a program while feeling strong and healthy and staying injury-free.

Are My Running Shoes Right for Me? 

running shoes

It can be hard to know what shoes to buy for your next running season but understanding foot types and how shoes are designed to support them can help. Your feet are the foundation of your stride, so it’s important to look beyond the color and style and pick a shoe that works best for you.

Foam Rolling for Runners

Why should runners use a Foam Roller? Foam rolling provides self soft-tissue mobilization or SSTM. The benefits of SSTM include improved muscle flexibility and tightness, decreased lactic acid, decreased muscle fibrosis (adhesions/scar tissue), and decreased risk of injury. Using one’s own body weight applies pressure through the muscles in order to regulate the areas of […]

A Fish Out of Water: Dryland Strength Training for Swimmers


Swimming is a great full-body workout capturing movement from all four limbs – arms and legs. It requires speed, consistency, endurance, strength and power. Performing dryland exercises elevates your training in ways water-based training alone simply cannot achieve and has been shown to reduce injury rates in swimmers. Take your swimming to the next level with a dryland program.

10 Laws of Preventing Running Injuries


Running is an excellent sport that can be done just about anywhere and with any level of intensity. It is important to be sure your body is prepared to handle the running you challenge yourself with, whether it’s high mileage, fast pace, hills or trails riddled with obstacles. While running injuries are common, most can be avoided. Following these simple tips will help you prevent running injuries before they happen.

Youth Athletics: 10 Things All Parents & Coaches Should Know 

Youth Soccer

There are many things you can do as a parent or coach of a young athlete to ensure they get the most out of participation in organized sports. From focusing on fun and prioritizing a positive environment to keeping them safe and avoiding injury, here are 10 tips for being a successful sports parent or coach.

Marathon Training and Motivation — A PT’s Perspective 


Many athletes have a fitness goal that pushes them to train harder. For physical therapist Clayton Anderson, that goal for the past decade has been simple: break the family marathon record held by his grandmother. As he set out to train for his 5th marathon, Clayton reflected on past races and, determined to learn from past mistakes, set up a new marathon training plan.

Strength Training for Runners 

A comprehensive approach to running includes strength training. Incorporating strength training into your program will not only help you improve your power, speed, endurance and balance, but will also help you prevent injury during training and competition.

5 Tips to Prep for a Turkey Trot or Holiday Run

Holiday Run

So you’ve taken the plunge again this year and signed up for a Turkey Trot or holiday run. Turns out, you are not alone. According to an article in Runner’s World in 2014, 19.7% of all runners using the RunKeeper website recorded a run on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe it’s to assuage our pre-meal guilt for […]

Dance Medicine Strength & Conditioning Workshops at Downtown Portland PT


Dance Medicine Physical Therapist Amy Benton has teamed up with Professional Dancer and STOTT® PILATES Instructor Anna Marra to develop a dance-specific strength and conditioning workshop. The class offers cross-training solutions for a dancer’s greatest technical challenges by focusing on strengthening the entire body to the distinct, precise needs of the dancer. Combining principles of […]

The Swimmer’s Guide to Stretching


As the seasons change and the sun makes its grand appearance, people pull out their swim suits and start jumping into the pool for fun and for exercise. If you have not prepared your body for swimming laps, however, you might find yourself sore after starting a new exercise adventure.  Free-style swimming can be very […]

Golf: What Keeps Your Lead Arm From Being Straight in the Backswing?


There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to keep your lead arm straight as you move into the top of your backswing. Some of the reasons can be mental but there are numerous physical reasons that can cause the “breakdown” of the left arm (for right-handed golfers). Surprisingly a lot […]

Starting a Running Program


Running could just be the perfect exercise. Running doesn’t require a membership, you don’t need a personal trainer, it gets you outside, and the only equipment you need is a pair of running shoes. Research shows that runners get sick less, have reduced depression and cancer rates, have decreased cholesterol and incidence of Diabetes, and […]

Sports Movement Assessments Now Available at Camas Location

Set yourself or your child up for success…NOT injury! Before diving into another season of your sport, make sure your body is “READY” for action. Identify problem areas early…and learn easy tricks to eliminate them before it’s too late! Our Sports Movement Assessment includes: 30 minute 1-on-1 appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Comprehensive […]

Services for Coaches at Portland PACE

If you want to increase your knowledge or gain competency on any of the equipment that we offer at PACE so you can use it with your clients, then you can attend any of the training workshops we will be offering to coaches soon. Here we will teach you how to utilize the equipment and protocols to be able to best utilize the equipment at PACE. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Dynamic Stretching: Preparing Muscles for Activity, All in Under 2 Minutes


Stretching. Everyone knows they need to do it, but it is often the first thing cut from a routine when you’re strapped for time. Here’s a quick and simple pre-workout stretch routine that can help prepare the muscles for activity and reduce the risk for injury, all in under two minutes. It’s called dynamic stretching. […]