The 5 B’s of Breathing for Exercise

A young woman goes for a brisk walk on a cool fall afternoon

Breathing is a fundamental root of life. However just because you are breathing doesn’t mean you are using your most efficient and effective mode of breath.

Hip-Hinging Issues in Youth Athletes


The hip hinge is an important movement in everyday life for all of us. But it is a crucial pattern athletes need to perfect in order to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and support long-term health.

CrossFit and Physical Therapy

a young woman trains for CrossFit athletics by weight lifting doing a deadlift exercise

As a varied and high-intensity sport, CrossFit can lead to injuries even for the most seasoned athlete. Working with a physical therapist can be the key to unlocking your highest level of injury-free performance yet!

5 Tips to Prep for a Turkey Trot or Holiday Run

Clos up of many sets of feet on a run or in a race.

More than a million people across the U.S. lace up their running shoes and kick off the Thanksgiving Day festivities with a Turkey Trot! If you’re one of them, consider these tips to make sure you’re ready!

Idaho Running Day – Seminar Series

multiracial young athletes training run at school track

FREE Seminars to Prepare You for Your Race! We are excited to proudly sponsor Idaho Running Day on September 16th, a new race with distances from 5k to full marathon. For more information and race registration, visit the official Idaho Running Day website. To help you in your preparation for this great event, we will […]

5 Moves to Help You Jump Higher

man on outdoor basketball court jumps high to the hoop for a shot

Jumping is a key part of many sports including basketball, skiing and snowboarding, tennis, and volleyball. It is not only fun, but also great exercise for developing strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Why Every Golfer Should Work With a PT

Golf Fitness & Performance Program

Golf-specific fitness is not just for tour players anymore. Any golfer can tune their body to improve performance by following a golf fitness training program created by a physical therapist.

4 Moves to Strong Knees for a Stellar Ski Season

three skiers stand in joyful pose at the top of a mountain

One of the most important components of having a successful ski season is spending some time doing some pre-season ski conditioning. However, if you did not have the chance to do this, there is still something you can do.

Lacrosse – How to Optimize Performance & Prevent Injuries

close up of lacrosse player's stick

Lacrosse combines the speed and physicality of football with the finesse of hockey and the passing skills of basketball. Each position is required to be explosive and run fast, so incorporating plyometrics and flexibility into players’ fitness routine is imperative.

Top Tricks for Trail Running

man runs on trail through forest in the autumn

As the heat of summer fades into memory, trails throughout the Pacific Northwest call out to runners of all ages and abilities. In addition to the positive mood-boosting effects of running on the trails, trading roads for trails can also boost your physical fitness and strength no matter what level of runner you are.

Rock Climbing – Top Tips to Prevent Overuse Injuries

climber at Smith Rock State Park

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Whether you are a beginning or an expert climber, having a training plan in place will not only help you reach peak performance, but will also help you avoid overuse injuries that keep you on the ground when all you want is to climb higher.

Youth Sports — 6 Simple Signs of Injury

Dynamic-Warmup Tennis

Knowing some of the obvious signs that a young athlete isn’t just sore but is actually injured, parents and coaches can play an active role in ensuring injuries are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, preventing further damage from occurring.

5 Fitness Myths … Busted

people exercising with barbells

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and as the medical community’s preeminent experts in movement, fitness, and musculoskeletal function and injury, our physical therapists view this month as an opportune time to correct what we see as a few common misconceptions about exercise.

Junior Golf — Tips to Keep Kids Swinging

junior golfers lined up to practice

Golf has been growing in popularity, including among junior players. The benefits of the sport for kids include physical, social, mental and emotional growth, but it’s important to keep it fun while also keeping them safe by avoiding early sport specialization.

Youth Soccer: 4 Steps to Ensure a Great Season

youth soccer image

As a physical therapist, I see many avoidable injuries happen every year to athletes getting back into soccer without proper preparation. Here are 4 crucial steps to help you better prepare for and navigate the soccer season.

Youth Volleyball: Injuries – Prevention and Treatment

youth athletics - volleyball serve

Volleyball is an exciting, high-speed team sport that demands a lot of energy and athleticism of its players. As middle school and high school athletes learn the fundamentals of the sport and develop their skills, it’s also important to know what the most common injuries are, how to avoid them, and what to do if they occur.

Cheerleading – Exercises to Stretch & Strengthen and Avoid Injury

cheer team

Cheerleading blends many aspects of traditional sports including strength, power, balance, control and flexibility. Like other youth sports, cheer requires overall conditioning as well as sport-specific skills. Incorporating a workout program is the ideal way to optimize performance and avoid injury.

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