Hamstring Pain? Your Top 3 Questions Answered 


As physical therapists, we hear a lot of questions related to the infamous hamstring muscles! Many of these questions are centered around the impact of a painful hamstring during running. We are going to tackle this one question at a time.

What’s Causing My Dizziness?

Some people just simply wake up dizzy one morning – the room is spinning and then, eventually, it settles down and feels normal again. But, if the feeling as if the room is spinning comes back every time you move your head in a certain way or you move your head quickly, you may have something called vertigo.

How Do I Know if I Damaged My Achilles Tendon? 


There are many different factors that can contribute to the cause of Achilles tendon pain and swelling, though it generally occurs due to repetitive motions during athletic and recreational play, especially during activities involving running or jumping. Fortunately, a variety of treatments can provide effective relief.

Shin Splints — A Physical Therapist’s Experience and Advice 


Physical therapist Pete Dills knows the pain and discomfort associated with shin splints based on his own personal experience. Today, a decade after his running journey began, he is passionate about helping others overcome the limitations caused by repetitive stress injuries such as shin splints through treatment, education, and prevention.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: We’ve Come a Long Way!

Pain around your kneecap can make everyday tasks difficult and athletic endeavors extremely challenging. A physical therapist can help patients gain an understanding of the symptoms and causes of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, establish a plan for treatment, and share education that supports prevention of future issues.

Urinary Frequency & Bladder Function – What’s Normal? 


When functioning normally, the bladder can hold substantial amounts of urine as it fills and then empty when the time is appropriate. However, this is a complex process involving many different body systems and when one is not working properly, there can be many physical as well as psychological consequences.

Preventing Low Back Pain by Training the Correct Core Muscles

Low back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal issues worldwide, affecting more than 80 percent of adults at some point in their lives. While core training can address low back pain, it’s important to first understand how to correctly and safely exercise your core to support your back.

My Fingers Are Numb – Is it Carpal Tunnel and can PT help? 

Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness, tingling and sometimes pain and weakness to the hand. These symptoms can make it difficult to hold, grip or manipulate small objects, and makes writing and keyboard use challenging. Physical therapy can help reduce symptoms and relieve pain associated with this condition.

Skier’s Thumb: What is it and how can PT help?

It’s not just the knees that are at risk when you’re on the slopes – skier’s thumb is one of the most common injuries sustained by snow-sport enthusiasts. Depending on the severity of the sprain, physical therapy can help you heal as quickly and safely as possible.

Arthritis and Pain — What You Should Know

Taking care of yourself by exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, and working with a physical therapist to address and understand pain can all help to reduce and often eliminate pain, even in the presence of arthritis.

Combatting the Common Challenge of Low Back Pain

If you have low back pain, you are far from alone. It’s one of the most common diagnoses we see in our clinics. At any given time, approximately 25 percent of people in the United States report facing debilitating low back pain within the past three months. It is estimated that across the world, back […]

MYTH: My MRI Was Positive, Which Means That Is the Source of My Pain


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI as we commonly know it, is an imaging tool that allows us to visualize tissues within our body. It can be a helpful resource and tool to assist with diagnoses and analyzing tissue damage when appropriate. For many people, getting a “positive” result on your MRI can be worrisome. Scary […]

Physical Therapist Treats Dizziness at High Altitude

Physical Therapist Kat Burns was traveling to visit family over the holidays on a red eye flight from San Francisco to Cleveland. Thirty minutes into the flight, there was an announcement seeking the assistance of a doctor or nurse on board. A physician (Gastroenterologist) on board volunteered her assistance. Meanwhile, Kat told one of the other flight […]

To Ice or Not To Ice?


Traditionally, ice and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) have played an integral role in the treatment of acute injuries. They were combined with rest, elevation, and compression to decrease swelling, reduce inflammation, and control pain. This method was believed to facilitate a quicker recovery time and faster return to activity. Recently, the effectiveness of these practices has […]

Shoulder Pain and Injury


Shoulder injuries are one of the most common joint problems in professional or recreational athletes, industrial laborers, and office workers. The most important aspect of shoulder pain control is to be aware that active exercise of proper intensity, duration, and especially proper technique is much more beneficial than quiet rest for the injured shoulder. Traumatic […]

Constipation: How Physical Therapy Can Help

We all, at some point in our lives, have dealt with constipation — whether it’s acute or chronic. This is not a pleasant experience. Constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much water or when the colon’s muscle contraction is slow or sluggish, delaying transit time. The result is hard and dry stool, which can lead to […]

Let’s Talk Tendinitis: What Treatments Work?

Elbow Pain

If you’ve participated in a sport or had to perform a repetitive activity in the past you have dealt with the dreaded tendinitis. Yes, it’s that achy elbow after you had to paint the living room or that sore knee your teenager keeps complaining of after basketball practice. It’s the Dreaded Tendinitis. Or Is It? […]

IT Band Pain


IT Band Pain accounts for approximately 22% of all lower extremity injuries. So what is it and what can you to to relieve it?

Physical Therapy for the TMJ

Have you or someone you know ever dealt with jaw pain? What about popping/clicking of the jaw or problems with fully opening or closing the mouth? This could possibly involve the Temporomandibular Complex (TMC). While not commonly known, physical therapy can help with these symptoms, deficits or limitations. The TMC is made up of the Temporomandibular Joint […]

What Do I Do For Sciatica?


What is sciatica? Sciatica is a term used by medical professionals and the general public alike to describe pain that radiates down the leg. Let’s dive into a bit more detail on the definition, the causes, and how it can be diagnosed. Sciatica is defined by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) as […]

The Temporomandibular Complex and Its Relationship to Neck Dysfunction and Injuries

Temporomandibular Complex Treatment

The Temporomandibular Complex (TMC) The Temporomandibular Complex (TMC) is the medical term for your jaw, the jaw joint, and the surrounding muscles that control chewing and jaw movement. This complex includes the muscles of mastication (chewing) and the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), which includes tendons and ligaments of the jaw. You can find your own TMJ […]