Work Ergonomics — 10 Ways to Monitor Your Workstation Health

Are you finding working or playing on your computer to be a pain in the neck — literally? Neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions can result from poor computer workstation habits. Faulty computer habits can have painful consequences. Sitting too long at the computer without moving around or changing position […]

3 Easy Steps to Wearing a Backpack Safely

Backpack Basics for Healthier Kids As the new school year begins, kids are once again strapping on their backpacks. And it’s not just kids; adults are also backpacking computers, personal items and even using backpacks as their briefcase. When used properly, the backpack can be a great way to carry items during the school day […]

Backpack Safety Tips

For kids of all ages, back-to-school shopping typically includes picking out the perfect backpack. Every year brings new trends in colors, designs and popular cartoon or video game character depictions. The bag your student chooses will be with them everyday for the entire school year, so of course it’s important to let them pick something […]

Ergonomic-related Signs and Symptoms


Identifying early signs and symptoms of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) can lead to a quicker and more prompt recovery. Most of the time, catching these early on results in minimal required medical intervention and the employee will return to work with full function. Pain is the most common symptom associated with WMSDs. In some cases, […]

Ergonomics: Fitting the Job to the Person


Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the person, rather than requiring the person to conform to the physical parameters of the job. An ergonomic evaluation is a formal, structured process that assesses many physical and cognitive parameters of the worker, the workspace, and the job characteristics to determine if the job fits […]

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