Physical Therapy and Weight Loss

Excess body weight, typically associated with a high BMI (body mass index) or too much fat, can significantly impact a person’s activity level and lifestyle, and consequently their health. Being overweight can feel like a catch-22 — to lose weight you need to move more, but when you’re heavy, movement is often difficult. The increased […]

Hiking Preparation Guide


Choosing where to go, packing your gear, and slipping into your hiking shoes are the first steps to an enjoyable and successful hike. Many people, however, spend little time thinking about a very important issue — the energy they will be expending. Just like a car needs fuel to drive, your body needs food and […]

PT FIT – Virtual Fitness Program

Woman works out in her living room

PT FIT is a virtual fitness program where our physical therapists will create a workout routine specific to your exact goals and needs. Our team is here to help you formulate an exercise plan that won’t cause increased aches and pains, help you get stronger in your specific areas of weakness, and allow you to meet your FITness goals.

Creating a Complete Fitness Program for Lifelong Wellness


I am often asked by patients who are winding down with formal physical therapy treatment, what makes a good fitness program or “what should I do to stay fit?” When I ask those patients what they currently do for fitness, I usually hear, “I walk,” “I do cardio,” “I go to aerobic classes,” or “I […]

Improve Your Posture & Shoulder Health in Under 30 Seconds


We know that no one really likes to be corrected on their posture, but the habitual position of your neck and shoulder blades can really play a big role in the development of shoulder dysfunction. Here’s a quick posture check that will take you about 30 seconds, which can ease both shoulder and neck pain […]

5 Exercises for Improving Balance & Preventing Falls

When we’re young, falls are treated as teaching opportunities. “Get back on your feet, brush yourself off and keep moving toward your goals,” we were told. But as we age, falls take on much greater significance. According to physical therapist Kevin Lenoir, when someone of advanced age falls, they tend to suffer greater distress to […]

Aerobic Exercise

Disclaimer: This is a general guideline for exercising. Consult your medical doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Take a moment to consider just some of the benefits of aerobic exercise: weight control, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes, strengthened bones and muscles, improved mood and mental health, and pain reducing mechanisms.1-3 One or […]