Movement Matters … for Everyone!

Dad and daughter have a dance party at home.

Increased physical activity helps prevent and manage illnesses, is tied to improved mental health and overall quality of life, and in kids can help other domains of development flourish.

5 Functional Fitness Moves for Aging Adults

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Strength loss is a natural part of the aging process, but that does not mean we can’t work on getting stronger. In fact, it means strength training is even more important for older adults.

Harmonizing Hormones and Respiration

a woman takes time to pay attention to her breathing while outdoors

This article explores the impact of the most common breathing dysfunction, hyperventilation (AKA over breathing) on oxygenation and reviews specific considerations for women.

A Balancing Act – Why Single-Leg Balance Matters

rear view of an older couple walking together practicing good balance

Single-leg balance is a skill that many people possess without effort when they’re younger, then utilize day-to-day less and less with age – or so they think! It’s not just used when hopping on one foot – in actuality, it is used by everyone, every day!

The Power of Being an Active Role Model for Your Kids

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As the prevalence of childhood obesity continues to be a concern in the U.S., it is crucial for parents to prioritize including movement and physical activities in their kids’ lives. The first step? Be a positive role model!

5 Tips for Counteracting Parenting Stress

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There are many stressors associated with raising kids. However, these tips can help you counteract the PHYSICAL stressors associated with navigating our days and nights with littles in the mix.

How SMART Goals Help Moms Prioritize THEIR Health and Happiness

Group of moms with their children

Call to action for all the moms out there! Consider something that’s important to you and write down a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound, and get started on changing your physical activity, health, and well-being.

Walk Your Way to Wellness

a person checks their heart rate on fitness watch

If you’re trying to improve your heart health, it’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. Walking is a safe and effective way to not only improve aerobic capacity, but also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Should I Exercise with an Injury?


Whether you are new to the exercise and fitness world, or a seasoned workout guru, there can be a gray area when it comes to recovering from an injury. Generally, unless you are dealing with a fracture or catastrophic injury, movement can be an integral part of the healing process.

No time for exercise? Make time to move!

woman takes time to move outdoors while on a call

Exercise does not require a gym, special equipment, or high intensity. Down to its core, exercise is simply movement. Despite being busy, most of us have plenty of time to move around every day.

Find Relief for Holiday Stress Headaches

woman holds her head in response to a stress headache at the holidays

Holiday stress is no joke. Did you know that physical therapists can provide relief from tension-type headaches by correcting the problems that cause the pain?

Start Small for Big Change: A Guide to Your New Exercise Routine


You already know there are many great reasons to exercise, but if you’re having trouble beginning a new exercise routine or sticking to it once you do, you’re not alone. Whatever your age or fitness level, you can use this guide as a starting place for a healthier, more active tomorrow.

3 Tips to Relieve Neck Pain

man holds painful neck

Neck pain can be a manifestation of lack of movement, tension from stress and muscles that yearn for activity. There are several ways to manage neck pain, including these three favorites.

5 Exercises for Healthy Bones


Bones are excellent adaptors and grow stronger when they are loaded, or given a stimulus that makes them do their job to hold your skeleton up. Consistent strength training or weight bearing exercise can increase bone density and help prevent or manage osteoporosis.

Sleep VS Exercise: Which Is More Important?

Woman sleeping and resting in bed.

Many people struggle with the question of whether to prioritize sleep or exercise. The quick and easy answer (when you are really in a bind), is prioritize sleep. However, both sleep and exercise are very important to our overall wellness.

Healthy Development of Our Kids: Why Motor Milestones Matter! 

Gross motor skills are the foundation of exploration and are the building blocks of movement that allows for experiences that infants and toddlers learn from. This is why it is so important to be committed to helping your children with early movement as they develop these skills and reach their developmental milestones.

Hiking to Wellbeing – One Step at a Time

If the wilderness is calling you, remember it is important to adequately prepare for your adventures. From your fitness to your gear, learn what you can do to set yourself up for a fun, injury-free hiking season, including 9 exercises designed to lay a foundation for strengthening and balance.

Forming a New, Healthy Habit with Yoga 

Chances are, you know a lot of people who practice yoga, or have at least tried yoga before. The reasons we choose to do yoga are endless! Research shows people experience physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational benefits with the help of yoga.

How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?