What is Men’s Health?

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The concept of men’s health physical therapy is still relatively new and poorly understood. Like women, men can suffer from a wide range of pelvic floor symptoms when the muscles become dysfunctional, weak, tight, or injured. Pelvic floor specialists can help men overcome these types of life-altering conditions.

Pregnancy / Postpartum and the Pelvic Floor

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Most women have heard that they should do “Kegels” during and after pregnancy., but learning how to identify and contract and relax the pelvic muscles can be challenging. A pelvic health PT can help.

Movement for Mommas: Post-Partum Examination

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It’s about a healthy baby, and now a healthy you Our therapists are passionate about post-partum care. Your body goes through a lot before, during, and after pregnancy. We are here to help you understand and navigate the changes in your body so that you can get back to your optimal function. We have developed […]

What is Pelvic Pain?

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Pelvic pain is any pain internally/externally over pelvis and genital areas. The pain can be attributed to several different causes such as pregnancies, surgery, infection, abuse or may possibly have no definitive cause. Our pelvic health specialists can help get to the root cause of your discomfort and find solutions for relief.

What is a “Kegel” Exercise?

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A Kegel is a contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. Sounds easy enough, but they are actually much harder to perform than you would think.

Pregnancy Exercises: Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor, Core & Posture

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There are many benefits to exercising while pregnant. Regular exercise during pregnancy will help you stay in shape and support your body as it copes with the physical challenges of pregnancy. A prenatal exercise routine can help alleviate back pain and pelvic pain, boost your mood and energy levels and help you sleep better.

What is Lumbopelvic Stability?


Lumbopelvic stability addresses the intricate interplay between the lumbar spine and pelvis, which forms the foundation of our body’s strength and resilience. From everyday movements to athletic endeavors, understanding and nurturing lumbopelvic stability is key to preventing injuries and optimizing performance.

Coccyx Injuries

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The coccyx (also known as the tailbone) is the triangular bony structure at the bottom of the vertebral column that serves as an attachment for our pelvic floor muscles. It is composed of three to five bony segments held in place by joints and ligaments. When injured, it can cause debilitating pain.

Physical Therapy and Pregnancy: Before, During and After

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Understanding the musculoskeletal changes that can occur during this time will allow you to embrace the changes as they come and understand when it is time to visit your local physical therapist to address some of the aches and pains before they become a real problem.

Pubic Symphysis Disorders

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The pubic symphysis is a stiff, synovial joint midline in the pelvis. If it moves more or less than the average of two mm, it becomes dysfunctional. Physical therapy can help.

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