The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Diabetes Patients

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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which is an opportune time for us to highlight some basic facts about this condition and to explain how physical therapy as a supplementary treatment can help patients manage it.

How Physical Therapists Help Pain

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Whether you step on a nail, stub your toe, or are agonized by back pain and sciatica for 10 years … pain is an experience that occurs in the brain. So, while injury and irritation do occur at other parts of the body, it is the brain that actually controls if you will experience pain or not.

Physical Therapy Following a Concussion


What is a Concussion? A concussion is an injury to the brain that can happen after a hit to the head or as a result of any force that causes shaking of the head. Concussions can occur to any athlete, at any skill level, and the symptoms may not appear right away. If you think […]

Wheelchair Fittings at Newberg Physical Therapy


Do you need a wheelchair to improve your mobility? Our clinic will help walk you through all steps of obtaining a wheelchair including fitting and working with a representative to obtain the chair that suits your needs. How does a fitting work? Wheelchair fittings are completed in clinic and typically last 60-90 minutes. A thorough […]

Rehabilitation After Limb Loss


Physical Therapy for Amputees The loss of a limb can be a traumatic experience, affecting an individual both emotionally and physically. Working with a specialized physical therapist can ease the transition to a new way of living, and provide support at every step. We do this by working with each patient individually and tailoring care to […]

Blood Flow Restriction Training


Rehabilitation, Performance and Recovery Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is a new and popular treatment intervention that can help you return to the activities that you love. BFRT uses blood flow pressures that are individualized to your body and overall goals to train muscles more efficiently as well as improve cardiovascular function for people of […]

MYTH: Physical Therapy Is Too Expensive


Truth: Physical therapy is an investment in your quality of life. What does that mean to you? Most people I meet express their dissonance with how our country’s health care system is being administered. However, there are ways that you can prepare and educate yourself on what you do have available to you in terms of medical […]

What’s the Difference Between a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor?


Chiropractor vs Physical Therapist Many patients coming to physical therapy have at some point considered going to, or have been to, a chiropractor. Physical therapists and chiropractors often treat similar conditions and areas of the body, leading patients to wonder, “What’s the difference between a physical therapist and a chiropractor?” While chiropractors and physical therapists […]

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