Central Oregon is one of the fastest-growing metro regions in the country. Booming recreation for the residents of this area creates a unique, active lifestyle for all of the residents of this region year round. Central Oregon hosts millions of visitors every year, with individuals seeking outdoor activity at its finest. We offer four physical therapy owned and operated Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy clinics in this expansive region and have been here for the past thirty-five plus years. We proudly maintain a high standard of care for our residents, locals, new arrivals, retirees, and elite athletes. We are honored to be on your medical team.

We provide a community presence through sponsorship of events and educational outreach to all members of the community. It is part of our culture at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy to give back to our community. Support at the local school districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, The Center Foundation, Special Olympics, and the Arthritis Foundation are just a few of the community outreach areas we strive to give back. Our clinics also sponsor some of our top young athletes in the region, including the national class skiers on XC Oregon and the rising regional force that is the TAI Cycling Team.

Thank you for making Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy Clinics your physical therapy of choice in Central Oregon.

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Want to hit longer drives? Optimize driver launch & increase your speed.

February 21, 2019 - March 28, 2019 | Times Vary, See Details
This series will take an in-depth look at your driver settings (or recommend a new driver) to make sure you are dialed in to deliver the club to the ball with optimal launch conditions. Once we have the driver fully optimized we will get to the business of increasing your speed using the latest technology in overspeed training – the SuperSpeed Golf Training System. Join the over 350 touring professionals that use this training aid to maximize their SPEED!
Speed Series

Speed Camp & Seminar with Chris Cooper, PT: Your Local TPI Certified Instructor

March 21, 2019 - May 16, 2019 | Times Vary, See Details
Join us for a 6-week speed camp that will explore the main contributing factor of distance: SPEED. We will work on increasing our club head speed through flexibility, coordination and strength training. Additionally, we will utilize an effective tool called the SuperSpeed Golf Training System and explain how to consistently work on your speed throughout the season and offseason.