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Whether you are kicking off a couch-to-5K exercise program or searching for relief from chronic low-back pain, the physical therapy team at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Central Tacoma is ready to help. As an outpatient orthopedic facility, our clinic space is optimized for a wide range of patient care. The large, open gym provides ample room for therapeutic exercise and movement while the private treatment rooms offer a quiet, personal space for one-on-one interactions between patient and PT.

As premier providers of physical therapy in Tacoma, including clinics in Central Tacoma, Lakewood and University Place, our experts strive to be the first stop on people’s list anytime they are dealing with musculoskeletal pain or challenges with any sort of exercise or physical activity. From infants and toddlers to grandparents and great-grandparents and everyone in between, people of all ages and abilities can depend on the caring, compassionate physical therapists who are dedicated to patient care.

“We see patients with all kinds of different conditions – student athletes and weekend warriors with injuries, people who have had surgery and are here for post-operative care, work-related injuries, motor vehicle accident victims, simple muscle or ligament strains, patients with chronic pain – we are able to help people with a wide range of things with our services in the clinic,” explained physical therapist Carsten Neumiller, noting that his youngest patient was three months old and his oldest was 95 years old. “My favorite part about being a PT is the interaction with patients. I love hearing people’s stories, getting to know people, and building relationships.”

Carsten Neumiller

Beginning with the first visit, patient experience is the top priority, Carsten added. During check-in – which is a short, streamlined process – patients are encouraged to ask any questions they have whether they’re confused about their insurance coverage or apprehensive about what physical therapy treatment will look like for them. If, alternatively, a patient has a vision for their PT journey, they’re encouraged to share what that looks like with their care team.  

“I think one of the biggest, key parts of that first visit is letting the patient really tell their story,” Carsten said. “Understanding their beliefs, what they’ve been dealing with and what they are looking to get out of physical therapy.”

It’s also key, Carsten emphasized, that patients have fun and find value in their experience with PT. Working with patients to establish goals that are not only specific and measurable, but also individualized ensures that they continue to have something to work toward and can see how their hard work is paying off throughout their journey.

Utilizing shared decision making, the physical therapy care team collaborates with each patient to create a custom treatment plan designed to get them to their goals as quickly and safely as possible. During sessions in the clinic, patients learn exactly how their treatment – whether it’s manual therapy or therapeutic exercise – supports their goals.

Physical therapist Carsten Neumiller discusses goals with a patient.

“We take the time to talk about why we’re doing what we’re doing and to reflect on how it’s going to help them with what they’re trying to accomplish,” Carsten said. “We also double-check at every visit – is there anything new they want to address or something specific they want to focus on? It’s important to us that our patients know this is their time and space to come with questions and explore certain movements.”

By the time a patient reaches the end of their in-clinic physical therapy journey, they’re equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to keep themselves injury- and pain-free, and they’re empowered with the understanding that should they ever need to come back, the clinic door doors are always open.

Start your physical therapy journey today.

As physical therapists, we know the importance of movement for overall health and well-being. From injury recovery to achieving optimal performance, our passion is to help every patient reach their goals and live an active, pain-free life. Get started with PT today!

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How can we help you today?