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Sunriver Oregon is well known not just for its beautiful location in the heart of the Deschutes National Forest, but for the area’s endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and recreation. While there is a cozy, laid-back feel to the community, those who call this special place home – whether full-time or part-time – tend to be outgoing and active.

As a destination resort community, Sunriver’s population includes a mix of people from retirees to working adults and kids of all ages.

“We have a really diverse patient population, and we see people for a variety of different reasons,” Sunriver physical therapist Chris Glover explained.

Whether someone has had an injury, is preparing for or recovering from surgery, is dealing with chronic pain, has reached a plateau in their pursuit of increased performance or is beginning a new health and fitness program, the team at Therapeutic Associates Sunriver Physical Therapy is committed to patients’ goals.

“I love being a PT because it really gives me the opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives,” Chris, who is the clinic’s practice manager, shared.

Conveniently located in the Sunriver business park just across from Three Rivers School, the Therapeutic Associates Sunriver Physical Therapy clinic offers a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Several private treatment rooms are available and the small, but adequate, gym space includes a range of exercise equipment specifically selected to optimize recovery, rehabilitation and training. The clinic also has a pool, providing an opportunity for aquatic therapy.

“The pool is a great addition to everything else we do with physical therapy because if weight bearing is a problem for a patient, we can get them in the water walking and exercising well before they might have been able to do so otherwise,” Chris said.

While the physical therapists at Sunriver PT are experts at treating orthopedic conditions – whether they’re related to sports, workplace injuries, car accidents or surgery – they are also educated and experienced with a range of other services.

“We do vestibular therapy,” Chris said. “Certain types of balance issues and Vertigo are commonly treated in physical therapy.

“One of the unique specialty services we offer here at Sunriver PT is pelvic health physical therapy,” Chris continued. Often, he added, patients express their surprise at learning physical therapists can work with people to address pelvic floor conditions.

When it comes to their younger patients, the physical therapy team takes pride in being able to offer youth orthopaedic PT as well as developmental pediatric PT, including care for kids with neurological conditions.

Beyond not realizing the vast ways in which physical therapy can help, many people don’t recognize that it is the ideal first line of defense not only when it comes to responding to an injury, but also in the prevention of future injuries.

“We have what’s called direct access,” Chris said. “Which means many patients can actually come in to see us without having a referral.”

Direct access, which is available throughout the U.S. but can be plan-specific with certain insurance policies, empowers people to avoid delaying treatment by having to see a physician prior to starting physical therapy. Simply stated, the sooner an injury is treated, the quicker and often the better the recovery. Equipped with doctorate-level education, physical therapists are trained to offer a clinical evaluation and determine if PT is the right avenue for treatment or if a patient should seek care from another medical provider.

physical therapist explains low back pain using a prop skeleton
physical therapist works with patient for low back pain

“Shared decision making really helps us to tailor our approach to the individual person and their goals,” Chris said. “I think it’s really important that the patient understands why we’re doing what we’re doing – if we’re doing an exercise, what impact will it have on their injury and how does it pertain to their recovery and what they’re trying to achieve … if we’re doing a manual therapy technique, how is it helping them to meet their goals?”

Throughout every patient’s physical therapy journey, their care team is consistently checking in with them to ensure progress is being made toward goals.

“If at some point it doesn’t seem like what we’re doing is moving the needle, well, let’s re-evaluate and let’s change what we’re doing and make sure that the process continues to be very meaningful for them.”

There’s a sense of pride, Chris said, when someone completes their physical therapy and has met their goals.

“I think knowing that I’ve had a meaningful part in helping someone improve their quality of life is a big part of why I continue to be a physical therapist. I really hope that every patient also feels really proud of what they’ve accomplished through working with us.”

Additionally, he added, he hopes they feel empowered to manage their health and wellness moving forward.

“I believe it’s important to give people tools that they can use, so maybe if they have a minor flare-up or something happens down the line, they know how to take care of themselves. I hope we give our patients knowledge and confidence so they feel that they can continue to excel in whatever they do.”

Chris Glover | Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy
fit woman runs downhill on trail

Start your physical therapy journey today.

As physical therapists, we know the importance of movement for overall health and well-being. From injury recovery to achieving optimal performance, our passion is to help every patient reach their goals and live an active, pain-free life. Get started with PT today!

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