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Helping people of all ages and abilities overcome challenges and reach their goals.

At Therapeutic Associates West Kennewick Physical Therapy, the entire clinic team values the opportunity to support the local community where people of all ages and abilities are out enjoying activities throughout the year.

“The weather here is typically mild, so people are out in all four seasons doing all kinds of activities,” explained physical therapist and clinic director Ken Call. “It’s great to see an active population, and that lets us be involved in a lot of different things, especially as the Tri-Cities continues to grow.”

Since he opened the clinic in February of 1997, Ken has been dedicated to ensuring every patient is provided with exceptional care. Through continuing education and expanding specialization offerings, Ken has been committed to ensuring the clinic remains at the leading edge of treatment methods and clinical excellence.

“I love to learn, and education is just an important thing,” Ken explained, noting that while he had a master’s degree in physical therapy when he opened the Therapeutic Associates West Kennewick Physical Therapy clinic 25 years ago, he soon went on to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Driven by his love of learning and his deep desire to help people, Ken continues to take courses to advance his expertise in areas including pain neuroscience, ergonomics, temporomandibular issues such as facial and jaw pain (TMD/TMJ), and balance/vestibular conditions.

By expanding his scope of practice to include treatment for conditions beyond orthopedic care, Ken is able to help people with a wide range of unique goals, such as someone who simply wants to eat a cheeseburger without their jaw hurting. Being able to offer experience and expertise to help people, especially when they feel like they’ve lost all hope, is extremely rewarding, Ken reflected.

“I received a phone call early on in my career from somebody that that started off this way: ‘I hope you can help me. You’re the last physical therapist in the phone book.’ … It turned out this woman had not laid down on her side for 10 years because of dizziness issues it caused her.”

After a thorough assessment, Ken shared, his team diagnosed the patient with benign proximal vertigo.

“We were able to treat her and within six visits she was able to lay on her left and right side. It was life-changing for her. All she’d wanted to do was lay down and sleep at night, so being able to help her do that was very rewarding.”

There’s a common misconception, Ken explained, that physical therapy is about treating elite athletes.

“Physical therapy is about taking care of the everyday individual who is dealing with some kind of dysfunction or injury. That’s what I find the most rewarding is having patients come in who haven’t been able to pick up a grandbaby and they can pick up their grandbaby now, or they haven’t been able to take their dog for a walk and all of a sudden, they can take their dog for a walk.”

It’s always been important, Ken added, that patients are heard, that the clinic team listens to them and then works with them collaboratively to put a plan together.

Goals, he emphasized, help measure progress. Patients find motivation in focusing on their goals, he added.

Ken Call

“Oftentimes, if you come in here, you’re going to hear me say that humans are like electricity — we take the path of least resistance. And so we actually need to have resistance and some exercises in our life to get us better,” Ken said.

So, whether your goal is to manage the four steps up into the house to be with your family during a holiday, or you want to run the Boston Marathon, your plan of care is designed specifically for you to reach the goal you’re after. And when you do, the team at Therapeutic Associates West Kennewick Physical Therapy will be there to cheer you on and celebrate with you.

We look forward to being a part of your healthcare team.

Our experts are committed to providing effective, efficient, and compassionate care to help you live a pain-free, active life. Our passion is to help every patient reach their goals on their journey to recovery and optimal performance.

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