Congratulations to our 2024 James B. McKillip Scholarship Winners!

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Therapeutic Associates

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is thrilled to announce that three outstanding students have been awarded a total of $7,500 for the 2024 scholarship season.  

The James B. McKillip Scholarship was established to continue the growth of physical therapy by investing in individuals pursuing a career in the profession. This scholarship seeks to honor Jim McKillip’s legacy and entrepreneurial heart by supporting those who aspire to help others through their work as physical therapists and who are looking to make a difference in the profession. 

McKillip was one of the two founding members of the private practice section of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Together with Robert Dicus, McKillip started Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy in 1952, setting the standards of excellence that continue to drive our company to this day. He served as the organization’s first CEO, a role he held for nearly four decades from 1952 to 1991. 

Therapeutic Associates extends heartfelt congratulations to each of our 2024 scholarship recipients, chosen for their dedication to advancing the field of physical therapy. 

Congratulations to our 2024 winners: 

Erika Agege

George Washington University 
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program – 2027  
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Erika Agege George Washington University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program – 2027

Mena Azer

University of St. Augustine
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program – 2027 
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Mena Azer - 2024 scholarship winner

Alyssa Horton

Texas State University 
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 2027 
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2024 scholarship recipient Alyssa Horton

About the James B. McKillip Scholarship

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The James B. McKillip Scholarship is specifically crafted to aid physical therapist students who display an entrepreneurial spirit, ownership mindset and commitment to progress in the profession of physical therapy.

The entrepreneurial approach of these students enables them to identify opportunities, create solutions, and spearhead advancements in physical therapy to support the health and wellbeing of communities and the sustainability of the profession.


This scholarship seeks to honor James B. McKillip by supporting students who are leaders amongst their peers and are dedicated to lifelong learning. 

For information on how to apply, click here. 

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