Core stability for runners is paramount to successful body mechanics and preventing most running-related injuries. The literature suggests appropriate training reduces the risk of low back pain and common knee ligament injuries in runners. As a result, core stabilization training should appear consistently in our home exercise program. This can help maintain healthy running throughout our lives.

If you would like a more targeted program for your unique needs, physical therapists are an excellent resource as experts in biomechanics and injury. Core stability is mostly maintained by our muscles, so here are some helpful core stability exercises to get you started.
If you begin to experience pain when you run or when performing any of your normal activities, it is best to consult your physical therapist at Therapeutic Associates for a comprehensive assessment.

Start with incorporating these exercises 3 times per week. Running is a lifetime sport if you listen to your body and are smart with your training. Also, many physical therapy clinics offer free screenings and gait analysis. Let’s Get Moving!