When is imaging really worthwhile?

MRI’s and other types of imaging can be scary (especially for young ones) and potentially EXPENSIVE, but they can be invaluable for diagnoses in certain circumstances. So, when is it really most helpful and necessary?

When you experience…

  • Severe, unrelenting pain at night, which is not affected by changes in positions
  • Changes in your bowel or bladder movements since your pain has begun
  • Numbness, tingling, and weakness noticed in either or both legs or groin region that does not improve or becomes worse after a few days of the initial injury or change
  • Sudden weight loss of greater than 10 pounds, not associated with any diet or exercise changes

Please note that these are only recommendations, and if you have any back pain that worsens or does not improve after 1 -2 weeks, please consult your physician. As always, let us know if this post raises any questions for you!