Therapeutic Associates L.O. Physical Therapy has teamed up with E-Force Performance to provide some of the best movement prep and training in the country and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Athletes competing in the NFL Combine, NFL Pro Days and NFL off-season training have started flocking in to see what it’s about. Getting these high level athletes who are already at the top of their game to achieve an even higher standard of performance is no easy task, but we have seen huge improvements and personal bests with every athlete that has gone through the new E-FITT training system.

The program is headed by Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Ryan Baugus; and head of Strength and Performance, Erik Jernstrom. We’re excited to offer this kind of performance therapy for our athletes and help make a difference in their game!


NFL wide receiver, Brandin Cooks, is working on linear force development and leg drive with resisted marching drills.


NFL and NFL combine athletes performing mobility drills prior to their movement prep workouts.