Increase your distance off the tee by improving your flexibility and increasing your upper to lower body separation. This clinic will explore the latest technology in ball flight data (Trackman) and 3D motion analysis (K-Vest) to create a baseline, intervene with exercise and swing drills, and reassess after you have worked through your program to objectify change in flexibility as well as ball and club head speed over time.


November 9: Separation Assessment | 10am – Noon (By Appointment)
November 16: Teach Separation Exercises & Swing Drills | 10am – 11am
January 11: Review Separation Exercises & Swing Drills | 10am – 11am
March 1: Separation Re-Assessment | 10am – Noon (By Appointment)



Location: Tetherow Golf Academy | 61240 Skyline Ranch Rd | Bend, OR 97702
Cost: $159


[email protected]
Space is limited to 10 participants!


acb_cooperc_2016Chris Cooper PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Montana
  • Level 3 Certified Titleist Performance Institute Medical and Fitness Professional

Mike_Lewis-SquareMike Lewis PGA

  • Tetherow Academy Director of Instruction
  • 2002 Utah section PGA teacher of the year

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