Injury Prevention Conditioning Program

Sugarfoot Therapy is a revolutionary injury prevention conditioning program created by Doctor of Physical Therapy Nicholas Cutri and professional dancer/choreographer Katie Schaar. Used by dancers and dance educators worldwide, Sugarfoot Therapy brings the exercises of sports physical therapy to dancers and athletes. When practiced regularly, these exercises are scientifically proven to help prevent the occurrence of injuries.

How is Sugarfoot Therapy Beneficial?

Sugarfoot Therapy LogoSugarfoot Therapy provides young dancers and athletes with the knowledge and skills to properly strengthen muscles that are commonly used in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, and other sports. Combining physical therapy exercises with dance specific routines and progressions, Sugarfoot is effective in targeting specific muscles while working in all three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transverse. Dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading are never one-size-fits-all. Sugarfoot assures athletes get strength training to better prepare the body to move in every and all directions safely, and most imporantly, avoiding injury.

Some of the focuses are floor work; heels prep; forward motion; backward motion; landing jumps safely; adagio strength; core strength; balance; shoulder, ankle, and hip strength and stability. Sugarfoot Therapy is optimal for every kind of dance. Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballroom, cheer… whatever your style, Sugarfoot Therapy will strengthen your body so that the artist in you can move freely.

About the Instructor

Chelsea Nelson, Exercise Specialist
Chelsea graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders NFL team for three years and also worked as a professional dancer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has also worked as an instructor for the Universal Dance Association (UDA), appeared on Masters of Illusion TV show as a magician’s assistant, danced as an opening act for the pop group LMFAO and appeared in a Super Bowl commercial. One of the shows she performed in while in Las Vegas was the Tournament of Kings medieval-themed dinner show at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Hoping to combine her dance knowledge and background with helping people, Chelsea has worked as an exercise specialist for the last two years with Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Eagle and recently completed the certification to be a Sugarfoot Therapy instructor. Her passion and goal is to spread the knowledge to young dancers and athletes about injury prevention, proper conditioning, and strength training.

Event Details:

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Chelsea Nelson : (208) 570-1667
For more information, availability, and class times, please call or text (208) 570-1667