Tai Chi has been known to decrease the risk of falling and improve quality of life. The control of movements is key at effectively improving balance, posture, relaxation, coordination and strength. Integrating mind and body is the ultimate aim of Tai Chi.

Join is in the clinic every Wednesday & Friday to improve your balance, walking ability, and strength!

Registration is REQUIRED – Inquire at the front desk.

Meet the Instructor:

ACE Personal Trainer Certified
Physical Therapy Aide
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor Certified

Past Experience:
Group Exercise instructor for over 25 years
Experience teaching Parkinson’s exercise classes for Oregon Research Institute
Experience instructing teacher training courses for various athletic clubs & facilities

Event Details:

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy - South Salem
2925 River Road S, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 585-4824