Summer is always a great time to enjoy that outdoors due to the warm weather we experience in the Northwest. However, Oregon enjoys one of the best fall seasons in the world and hiking during the fall can be very rewarding for the amazing views and colors that come out this time of year! Finding some time to get out in nature during the fall in Oregon will not disappoint!

Though the recent fire in the gorge has affected several hiking trails in the area, there are still plenty around to stay active and enjoy this fall.

silver falls

Silver Falls State Park

Silver falls state park is a great place for a fall hike, its located in Silverton and has 10 beautiful waterfalls you can visit. The full loop to see all 10 waterfalls is about a 7-mile hike and is at a moderate level of difficulty.








rowena plateau

Rowena Plateau Loop

Rowena plateau loop is an easy one mile hike in the eastern end of the gorge, its right across the highway at Rowena crest view point. After about a 10th of a mile you will see a side trial that leads to a great view of the gorge. On the main path, you will also come across a little path that leads to the Rowena pond, be sure to look out for poison oak and little frogs by the pond. It’s a great spot to watch the sunrise over the gorge if you can get up early enough to go. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Portland.







Opal Creek

Opal creek is about a moderate 6.5-mile hike located near Salem. The hike includes some of the largest oldest trees in the western cascades, making it a beautiful fall hike. Opal creek is known for being a popular swimming hole in the summer but the emerald color water pool is still worth going to see during the fall months.







A great website to see other hikes around the area is, on this site you can find about 500 hikes all over Oregon.