Scott Hein - Forest Grove Physical TherapyScott Hein PT, DPT, OCS, completed 6-months of intensive coursework to become certified as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist as of July 2016.

Completion of this program ensures that a Physical Therapist (PT) is utilizing the most up-to-date information and clinical advancements to assist patients in pain, and has demonstrated the ability to do the following:

  • Become a certified, highly skilled, autonomous practitioner with advanced clinical competency in evaluation and treatment of chronic pain.
  • Make evidence-based practice an immediate reality in the clinic.
  • Enhance critical thinking and psychomotor skills to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Improve knowledge of current evidence related to pain neuroscience.

Please feel free to call the clinic to inquire more about what treatment approach Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy offers based on Scott’s work with the Therapeutic Pain Specialist program. Or if you’re in persistent pain, call the clinic today to schedule an appointment and get ready to move on with your life!