Get Your Core Back - Bethany PtWant to know the easiest, simplest steps to Get Your Core Back after a baby?

  • One of the very best ways to lose extra baby fat is to start a very consistent walking program! When cleared for activity, add small additional doses each week. It is not unrealistic for you to be doing mild walking 2 weeks after delivery; difficult walking, hill hiking, and distance walks 5 months after; and even running/winning races at 8 months!
  • Follow the exercises we’ve recently shared for your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor inner core muscles.
  • Come in for Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI) with us! It’s painless and allows us to skillfully & accurately visualize and assess your own postpartum pelvic floor function by running through a few simple exercises while getting imaging of the area. We PROMISE this will save you time over the long run and ensure that you are working the right muscles and rehabilitating your body in the best way possible. For soon-to-be mothers, we can also help with your birthing plan and back pain related to pregnancy.
  • ENJOY the process! Pregnancy and having a child can be scary, but it is also a beautiful, wonderful thing, and your body has what it takes to bounce back!