December is upon us and as the year winds down, we would like to offer a few “Front Office Facts” for the new year.

Is your insurance about to expire?
Most insurance benefits are coming to the year’s end and are about to start over. If your insurance is changing with the new year, don’t forget to let us know to ensure the correct insurance gets billed. We will be happy to re-verify your benefits for the new year as well and clarify if your benefits have changed or stayed the same.

Are you looking for a way to spend for FSA or HSA funds before they expire?
All of the exercise supplies that our physical therapists utilize are available for purchase in our clinic. Most insurances will not pay for these supplies if they are billed directly to them; however, you can purchase these items using your FSA/HSA funds. ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping!

Did you know that we have a patient portal?
We highly encourage you to visit our patient portal to create an account. We can send you an invitation by email too! It’s easy to register. Here you can complete some of your new patient paperwork, update demographic information, check-in online, and pay copays which will expedite your appointments. You will also be able to pay any outstanding bills, send messages securely to your physical therapist or our front office via the portal, as well as track, review or request appointments. Our Therapeutic Associates website ( also contains additional information and the link to registration for our patient portal.

Do you get tired of handing over your credit card when you check in for your appointment?
We offer our patients “Card on File”, a simple payment option similar to auto bill pay that allows you to store a credit or HSA card on file, to pay copays or additional charges not covered by insurance. After your card is swiped, we will print out your card on file agreement. By signing this, you are protecting yourself from being overcharged. This printed agreement also explains more about “Card on File”. You will receive an email notification 5 days in advance of a charge. Your card will only be charged when a balance is incurred and you can set the max amount that can be charged. The office does not store the credit card; your card will be stored by Elavon, Inc., a secure credit card processor affiliated with U.S. Bank that partners with our practice to collect payments. Once the contract is established, office personnel will not have access to your card.

Most importantly our Front Office would like to say Thank You to all our patients.
Your friendly faces and fun conversations make our clinic a warm, welcoming place for everyone. Come say Hi to us (Kimberly, Kai and Jaelin) in the front office. We would love to hear how things are going with you and your recovery!