Specially trained and selected management personnel can be provided to oversee your therapy services, or we can explore innovative ways of working with your existing Rehab Director. The Rehab Director is our employee, but is seamlessly integrated into the management of your rehab operations.

We will not only supply and/or train the right person for the day-to-day managing of patient care, staffing, budget, program development, and planning, but we will continually train and augment the skills of the Rehab Director. This training will allow the Rehab Director to move dynamically within your facility to assure you of up-to-date care and systems development regardless of your strategic plan.

Our team of experts can help you resolve the challenges you face in each post-acute program – Skilled Nursing – Rehab PPS – Outpatient PT – with specific recommendations for resolving these concerns in the areas of Operations, Financial, Clinical, and Marketing performance.

In-Patient Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Staff can develop operational and marketing plans for new or existing departments.

  • New – We can provide clinical, operations, and reimbursement expertise to assure the integration and profitability of a new unit introduced as part of the overall hospital continuum of care. Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Corporate Executives can develop business plans specific to the new department to get your unit off on the right foot.
  • Existing – We can help turn around units that have experienced a sharp decline in census and contribution margins. Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Corporate Executives can develop strategies to correct and enhance your current department’s ability to meet your objectives.

In-Patient/Out-Patient Therapy Department

We can provide an individual who is experienced in patient care, clinical outcomes, program development, and management of PT and OT services. In addition, we can hire your existing therapists and train them to fit into our model of managing and marketing cost-effective therapy services to the medical community.

Integrated and Collaborative Therapy Management

In addition to supplying a qualified on-site manager, your Therapeutic Associates’ Rehab Director can utilize a wealth of experience and expertise from over 62 years of company history. Our delivery of care and management knowledge spans a variety of rehab industry settings. We have managed inpatient, outpatient, acute rehab, transitional care units, skilled nursing facilities, geriatric psych rehab care, and industrial medicine therapy services.

Existing Rehab Directors can also benefit from a relationship with TAI. Becoming a TAI Rehab Director can result in a new and greater career track for a therapy manager. This can include participation in the ownership of the company, as well as new-found professional relationships. Our experience and training curriculum will be shared with your Therapeutic Associates’ Rehab Director to deal with the complex issues facing the rehab department in your care setting. With Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services, you are not just getting a Rehab Director, you are getting a management team.