There are many possible alignment opportunities to serve our mutual interests and achieve the triple aim goals of medical home and Accountable Care Organization structures. These possibilities range from TAI acting as a contracted manager for rehab services to preferential contracted managed care agreements that engage our provider network of clinical sites that compliment both entities’ footprints and capabilities. Still other possibilities exist in the areas of marketing unique services to area employers and research across the continuum of care to analyze the efficacy of rehabilitation services relative to other interventions. These efforts can contribute to the advancement of the entire profession of rehabilitation within the full scope of medical practice.

Relationship Structure – The Potential is Real

In order to combine Therapeutic Associates’ capabilities with Medical Practice delivery systems that feature specialized musculoskeletal care systems, we propose the following potential relationships. These relationships are intended to integrate service lines, optimize performance, ensure cost effectiveness, and act as “rehab front doors” to patient-centered medical home and Accountable Care Organization Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) to better serve our community’s needs.

  1. Rehab Management Services (RMS) – TAI manages rehabilitation departments for hospitals and physician groups. The goals of these alignments are to utilize our expertise to optimize efficiencies, achieve the highest clinical outcomes, offer existing therapy staff new professional horizons, and limit the expenditure of contracted entity resources in reaching these goals. A possible arrangement includes the concept of expanding an existing owned rehabilitation delivery system by adding new departments within facilities that do not currently offer such care. The purpose of this expansion will be to generate new revenues for both organizations and strengthen clinical ties between primary care and rehab service departments.
  2. Joint Marketing of Prevention and Wellness Services – An area of immediate need of alignment includes having our physical and occupational therapists proactively engage employees at their work setting under a combined marketing program. We believe this will be a unique service line offering that will simultaneously connect employees with our combined delivery system and bring valuable cost savings to employers in our markets. In the wake of the Affordable Care Act and the creation of the National Prevention Council (created in 2010), companies are starting to see the value in investing in prevention and workplace wellness. For Employers, both Group and WC insurance premiums are experience-based, and investing in prevention and wellness has been shown to lower medical premiums for employer groups and add profit directly to their bottom line. The concept of a comprehensive wellness, injury prevention, early intervention, and evidence-based treatment approach carries an enormous value proposition and will help area employers realize a healthy workforce and control work-related injury and illness costs.
  3. Referral Relationships with TAI Owned Clinical Sites – Another proposed relationship is to support access to care beyond existing facilities with more preferential use of our owned TAI facilities. The goals of this alignment are to support the first initiative with interchangeable staffing and create a second, highly-coordinated tier of delivery for added patient access and choice. Finally, we believe there is the opportunity for fertile cross-referral relationships between our two organizations, whereby our clinicians will encounter patients in need of referral to contracted physicians and clinics.
  4. Research – TAI values evidence-based practice of care. Our CareConnections database contains outcome information from 16 years of data collection. Our contributing clients include many hospital systems from around the country, including Virginia Mason and Group Health Cooperative in the northwest. The benefits of medical provider data contributions and staff collaboration work to further research, protocol development, and testing. These are all self-evident quality improvement initiatives.

The patient-centered medical home approach bears with it the need to collaborate with many provider types. Therapeutic Associates is a geographically positioned musculoskeletal delivery system that can proactively engage and market to employees, deliver proactive prevention and wellness services within our communities, and act as an intake platform for referral to contracted medical practice IDS. We are an excellent fit for medical practices seeking partners in rehabilitation management service that offers programming to optimize the care and treatment of patients. New alignments are forming between hospitals, physician groups, and other elements of the delivery system. We are searching for partners looking for a coordinated approach to achieve the goals sought by health care reform and should look to each other for an alignment of our systems.

Contact Us

To learn more about TAI’s RMS capabilities and explore a contracted relationship for your rehab department needs, please contact our executive team:

Scott Wick | [email protected] | 800-249-9020 ext. 2214
Rich Katz | [email protected] | 800-219-8835 ext. 1101

We look forward to exploring a better community delivery system while providing a competitive advantage for both parties.