Therapy Services

Therapeutic Associates Inc. (TAI) has been providing physical and rehabilitative therapy services for over 63 years. We encourage you to access our company’s web site to learn more about us. From that web site, you can link to specific information about our various sites and locations. We have over 700 employees providing a varied range of therapy services to patients in diverse clinical settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, industrial medicine, occupational health centers, and skilled nursing facilities. We have the ability to recruit, select, and train your complete professional staff.

Services Offered

Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy for: Acute Care – Intensive Care Unit – Acute Rehab Unit – Skilled Nursing – Outpatient Rehab – Occupational Medicine – Home Health Services – Private Practices.

Complete management of all therapy services includes supplying or hiring your existing professional staff and maintaining all employee payroll, benefits, and human resource functions as our responsibility.

Your Facility Will Benefit from the Following

  • Cost-Effective Scheduling
    We absorb downtime and scheduling inefficiencies.
  • Productivity
    We have developed proprietary treatment methods and rehab-specific management techniques that improve productivity and patient outcomes.
  • Census Development
    We work with each facility to develop a comprehensive business development plan for the therapy department to minimize costs and maximize contribution margin.
  • Predictable Costs
    Contracts can be constructed to make the cost of the therapy department more predictable for administration, thus enhancing the accuracy of your budgeting process.
  • Staffing Solutions
    No more recruitment costs and problems. If desired, we can employ all of the department’s professional and appropriate support staff and absorb all HR support, payroll, and associated administrative costs.
  • Improved Quality
    Management expertise in implementing Continuous Quality Improvement program requirements ensures continual improvement of services, physician satisfaction, and ongoing accreditation.