Patient Stories

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  1. I’ve recently undergone treatment for an ankle problem at Therapeutic Associates PT and had a very positive experience. All office staff are friendly and helpful in making/changing appointments as well as during check in/out process. Dr. Brian Weiderman was my PT and I cold not have been happier. I have many other experiences over the years with PTs so recognize a good one. Brian is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. He quickly identified my specific ankle problems and utilized various techniques to alleviate them. I was given numerous exercises to do at home and Brian was helpful in explaining how each one worked to heal my ankle and I am well on my way to recovery. I highly recommend Therapeutic Associates.

  2. I had somehow hurt my right shoulder around the first week of March and tried on my own to fix the problem but after a few weeks and a doctor visit I realized that I couldn’t fix the problem. Therapeutic Associates was recommended by my doctor. When I first started my therapy I couldn’t raise my right arm above my head and in most cases not even to the side or front of my body. Even just sitting still would cause me some pain. Mindy, my therapist, started me on some exercises that helped so much that after 12 visits with her I can now move my right arm without experiencing pain like before. I can reach in every direction that a couldn’t before and have now been able to even sleep on my right side which I couldn’t do before either. I’m still doing those exercises just to keep my arm and shoulder from returning to it’s painful state. Thank you Mindy and Therapeutic Associates!