Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. I have had numbness in my feet due to possible back issues compressing the nerves. My physician said I needed to do physical therapy before any imaging would be done due to insurance. Thank goodness! Tyrel was able to isolate the problem which resulted in more of a nerve issue in my feet and was able to supply me with devices to help with that. The back issue ended up being less of the problem and easily managed with exercises he supplied for me. He’s also certified in dry needling which helped as well. I’m very grateful for Tyrel and all the staff at Therapeutic Associates and highly recommend them!

  2. I want to thank Therapeutic Associates of Nampa and a personal thank you to Tyrell. They have been working with me for a year for three different injuries. I have had a completely recovered. They were very professional and courteous a a pleasure to work with. I would fully recommend them to any of my friends or family with no hesitation.

  3. Corey:
    You recently provided PT on my daughter for her back. She plays tennis and previously could not complete a match without pain that would last several days. It would also cause her to favor the area and walk crooked. It affected her ability to effectively play tennis and play in other sports.
    She has been playing tennis this season and has experience ZERO back issues. She has no pain and doesn’t favor the area. Thank you for your expert help. We appreciate you and your great work. It has been such a blessing to see her playing without pain.