Kelsey O'Leary, LMT, NASM-CPT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kelsey is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine). She is very enthusiastic when it comes to educating clients about their bodies and how they work so that they can take the information they learn into their everyday lives. Her goal is to enhance the quality of life in the clients she works with by creating an individualized, therapeutic protocol for each individual.

Her approach to bodywork with each client depends on their needs as well as what they want from each session. Some of the benefits of the work include: Reduction of chronic pain, reduction of stress and anxiety, increased blood circulation and lymph function, increased flexibility and range of motion as well as injury prevention/education.

Blog Posts written by Kelsey O'Leary

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Massage Therapy

Thanksgiving is here and it is time to outwardly show our thanks for everyone and everything in our lives. That includes the shorter days and colder nights, right? Uh, right? Depression, lethargy and a weakened immune system can really plague a lot of people during the wintertime. This leaves us struggling to improve our mood, energy level and fight the flu season.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is recognized as a major depressive disorder with...