Patient Stories

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  1. Liz Treeheart worked with me to rehabilitate a back injury. She showed me many
    ways to build muscle in my back and maintain my recovery. I am 61 years old and learned how to use low impact exercises at home with inexpensive aids. I also
    learned to use the excellent equipment at their facility. I had great improvement
    with my injury and can’t wait to put my backpack on again and head out into
    the mountains this Spring. Everybody was very helpful and knowledgeable.
    They use a team approach, so I felt very well cared for. 5 STARS!!!
    Thank you so much’
    David Stamer

  2. I first came in with unbearable headaches and frequent migraines. Lizzy helped me realize what could be the issue and helped me make changes to fix the damage! Now my migraines are drastically less frequent and my headaches have decreased in intensity. Thanks Lizzy and Sean!
    -Kellin H.

  3. What a great crew! Knee surgery in October 2019 and now February 2020 with no restrictions. Followed directions and worked hard. Des kept pushing me and her aides were helpful. Thank you for helping with a great success story!
    – Sue C.

  4. Liz Treeheart was amazing during my recovery. Her emotional support, gentle manipulation, exercises, and professionalism made my whole PT experience enjoyable, if that is possible! I have had PT from other offices but never had the whole caring that I got from Liz and the staff. The front desk was friendly and always professional as were her assistants who made sure I knew how to do my exercises correctly. I continue to do the exercises daily and feel wonderful. If I ever need PT again, I would not consider going anywhere else.

  5. I first experienced Lizzy Treeheart’s care when I sat in on my girlfriend’s appointment. What I witnessed was a tangible and energetically palpable expression of healing power. I was more than impressed, I was moved. Shortly after that I had a run-in with a very enthusiastic dog that resulted in a torn ACL. The moment my doctor suggested PT, I knew who I wanted to have help me; Lizzy Treaheart is AMAZING!
    -Jimmy E.

  6. Service is a big deal to me from front desk to the Physical Therapist. This group moves and works as a team. The front desk folks treat you with kindness and efficiency. Great job on customer service!
    Lizzy Treeheart and the assistants are amazingly trained. My surgery was a lower back fusion. From the first appointment she answered my questions without my asking. She and the staff’s attention to detail and talking you through what and why they are asking you do perform tasks puts your mind at ease. My first concern, how much nerve damage did I have from the surgery? Lizzy walked in, did an orientation with questions and then she said, “Let’s see how your nerves are talking to the muscles”. Each and every appointment after that was performed with the same high level of information and teaching me how to move forward in the most safe and effective way. Nicely done team Crest Village!

  7. I have never had PT before. Lizzy had my back feeling better on my 1st visit! She found some issues I had all my life and thought that was normal. In one month I felt like I grew 2 inches. I didn’t know I could feel this good!
    – Beth S.

  8. Physical Therapy helped me to regain my strength and flexability needed to return to work and an active lifestyle. The staff was very caring, insightful and fun to work with in a very relaxing enviroment. Thanks to ALL!

  9. Des is an AMAZING physical therapist. When I came to PT I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. A few weeks later, I could walk 2.5 miles normally. Des has a great understanding of physiology. She has an unending variety of exercises, which keeps therapy from becoming boring. Des is friendly and encouraging. I actually looked forward to my day of therapy. The whole staff here is terrific!
    -Terry L.

  10. Came in with broken femur. Had excellent PT!

  11. My experience tells me I had the highest level of physical therapy ever with Lizzy! I’ve been an active athlete thru high school, college and beyond and my experience HERE goes beyond the treatments I have had in the past, which did not go into deep into muscle, bones, etc. I feel preserved!

  12. The rapid journey to healing was made possible by my Physical Therapist, both of them, who provided excellent guidance and skilled intervention. By staying on track with home exercises, I began to experience life with out pain and now enjoy my work outs more than ever.

  13. My great thanks to Des Matyas, DPT and the entire staff at Therapeutic Associates. I knew I had several bio-mechanical issues and needed some professional guidance. I got the evaluation and corrective measures I needed. And they work!! I really enjoy being outside hiking and now I’m looking forward to more trips without hesitation. As long as I follow the exercises Des has given me, my recovery will be complete and sustained.

  14. THANK YOU ever so much for everything!!! That whole 1st PT debacle left me wrecked, feeling helpless and lost. Des, you and your team are fab! That includes your front office and the billing office too. Everyone was so kind & helpful. I will always be grateful.

  15. When I first came here to see Lizzy, my knee hurt everyday! Now after going through PT for a long time I am now pain FREE!!!

  16. Thanks so much to Lizzy. I am doing wonderfully, feeling fully healed and able to resume all previous activities. Once in a while my leg feels a little achy; when that happens, I redo my exercises and stretch. That routine seems to do the trick. Thank you for saving my life! Your skill and knowledge are wonderful. Your kindness and empathetic listening meant the world to me when I was in a very bad place. I have my live and my true self back and you put me on the path that led me here. I hope we see each other again someday.

  17. Great people to work with. Des has helped me tremendously these last few months. I feel so much better and would highly recommend her for whatever your needs would be, to make a person’s mobility better.

  18. I was in a bad way after my back injury. I was in constant bad pain and my muscles weakened considerably. The staff at Crescent Village were so supportive, caring and knowledgeable. With their outstanding care, I was able to get off pain killers and get my life back in just a few short months. I would highly recommend them. I am thankful for them.

  19. Due to a neuromuscular condition, PT had not proved to be an effective treatment for increasing range of motion and relieving other post surgical symptoms from both shoulder and open-heart surgery.

    More than two years later, a car ran a red light and totaled my car. While the safety equipment protected me from fractures or other obvious injuries, six weeks later, symptoms of internal trauma from the collision began to emerge. My PCP prescribed PT, and I knew from the excellent outcome for other family members that TAI Crescent Village was the right place to go.

    Elizabeth “Lizzie” Treeheart began treatment with a modality called Visceral Manipulation. Over the next two months, not only did I recover from the MVA injuries, but the treatment set me on a path for continued improvement in upper body flexibility, pain relief and posture. Lizzie opened a path for improved health that I didn’t think was possible.

    Thank you to the wonderful therapists and support staff of TAI Crescent Village for creating a place of compassion, service and healing.

  20. Angela Lewis is flat out world class both as a Physical Therapist and a human being. Following knee surgery and with 20 years of back pain following a car accident, I saw two other P.T’s without much progress until landing with Angela following her return from Corvallis a few years ago. I was in constant pain and had resigned myself to being an invalid before my time. Angela provides a wonderful balance of challenges and support while creatively developing a stretching plan which I adhere to 45 minutes per day. I now play golf, after 15 years of absence, easily walk 1-2 miles, do workout machines and swim. I am fully functioning again work wise running my own small business. I would match up her talent, commitment, compassion, and enthusiasm with any practitioner on the planet.

    Donald Nahnsen

  21. Angela Lewis has given me hope that I will someday be free of the debilitating headaches that I have suffered with for 13 years. She has been so kind, caring, and knowledgeable. For 13 years I have seen doctors, pain docs, chiropractors, ENT docs, physical therapists, and more and nobody has ever spent the time and attention to my face/jaw/neck headaches as she has. Nobody figured out what it was that was happening to me until I started seeing her. Having a name for the extreme pain has helped me to understand it – Most importantly, Angela has made it so that my head/face aches come half as often. Since my head/face aches last 3 days, this is a HUGE deal to me and my family! I have never been to another PT like her!!

  22. The staff is caring. PT is a 50%/50% job. You need to commit to the program. They will give you all the tools to succeed. If something isn’t working then tell them-they can adjust. It was a good experience and if I need help I can call.

  23. I really appreciated all the help I received from TAI on my PT program. I received excellent service and complete one with vast improvement on my condition. I can’t thank the clinic staff enough for being my advocate during my rehab process. I would highly recommend TAI for any PT needs one may have.

  24. It has been 8 years ago that I first came to see Angela for two herniated disks in my neck. She helped me avoid surgery and I can continue to play golf and enjoy all of my activities. I’ve also had other issues with my shoulder and most recently a knee injury. Once again, Angela’s knowledge and encouragement have me on the mend again! She is the best, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to her for helping me stay injury free and constantly on the move!!! You, Toni, and your entire team are the best!!

    – David Maeda

  25. Angela is the best…she’s helped me recover from serious neck issues, shoulder injury, knee injury, and general back issues. She’s kept me golfing, running, and now cycling…don’t know what I’d do without her!! Thanks Angela!!

    – David M.

  26. I highly recommend Angela Lewis. She has helped me so much with pain I’ve had for 12 years. I have been to many doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other physical therapists and she is the most knowledgeable about TMJ, headaches, and muscles that I have encountered. She seems to have a huge passion for helping people release their pain so they can have a happy and healthy life. I now have hope that my severe headaches will be much better. In addition, she has a really friendly personality and the staff is great. The women at the front desk are friendly and attentive, and her assistant Kristi is very knowledgeable. I really cannot say enough good about this practice.

    – Angela G.

  27. Angela is terrific – at my first appointment with her she was able to pin point and begin to alleviate very specific and complex imbalances that I’ve been dealing with for several years. It’s such a relief to find someone who clearly “knows her stuff.” The fact that she’s delightful is an added bonus.

    – Nancy H

  28. My pain had me defeated. Now after treatment, I am empowered and it’s not “my pain” any longer. I still have a way to go as far as my arm and neck. I’ve learned how to incorporate the stretching/exercise techniques taught here. Also, I like the way I was shown simple movements that my pain-addled brain could comprehend. Then more was added as I progressed. I especially appreciated having the exercises tailored to me.

    – Ronson M.

  29. I am a new patient, and first of all I was very impressed with the office space. It is new, well organized, and spacious. The office staff was very pleasant and efficient. I do like the fact that most of the paper work was done online before the visit. It really gave me a chance to think deeply about my injury. Angela Lewis was well informed about my knee issue from the paper work I filled out and was very patient in listening to my concerns. I like the fact that she explained what she thought the problem was with my knee with a model of the knee. She did some treatment with me and I left feeling like I had a better understanding of my knee issue. I feel that this knowledge will help me visualize the healing. I highly recommend Angela Lewis as a Physical Therapist.

    – Ken N.

  30. Angela Lewis is a remarkable lady. Professional, very thoughtful, friendly, caring, and kind. I first visited her in 2003 at the Gateway office on Pheasant Blvd. after trying to get satisfaction from several other Therapeutic clinical specialists in town. None of them came close to helping to solve my problems and I don’t have answers as to why. Other than they didn’t seem to be interested in my problems. Angela listened to me and cheerfully worked on making me feel better. I stayed with her until she was promoted and moved out of town. They assigned another therapist to me and I left because I wasn’t getting the relief I was accustomed to getting with Angela. When I heard Angela was back in town, I found her new location and went to her and made some appointments. I will continue with her as long as she is available. I have recommended her to friends of mine and will continue to do so.

    – Brent Moon

  31. After suffering from severe headaches for almost two years and trying facet injections, radio frequency ablation, trigger point injections, and narcotic medications I requested a referral to Angela Lewis for treatment of my pain. Luckily for me, Angela recently completed a course in Facial Distortion Model treatment. The treatment provided immediate relief, although it’s needed to be repeated over the course of several weeks. However, the results are AMAZING!! Pain doctors only want to operate or give pain medication. Angela wants to get me moving again and the FDM treatments seem to be the answer!!

    Angela is the ONLY Physical Therapist in the Eugene-Springfield area trained to use this treatment method! I recommend anyone with symptoms, whether chronic conditions OR athletes needing treatment to get them moving now, to go see her! It’s truly amazing!!
    Angela, thanks for your help once again!

    – Carol Ford