Patient Stories

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  1. Kimberly Van Winkle was my PT for the past 7 months. She was a wonderful PT and a skilled technician, who provided me with a variety of practical exercises to help me progress and transition to being on my own after PT was over. She was incredibly patient and clearly explained the nature of my specific injury and its impact on my overall physical well being. Kimberly was very positive in all she did and made me feel it was important for me to be successful. I appreciated her professional attitude, her supportive, positive and encouraging demeanor and her willingness to address ALL of my questions.

    If I need a PT in the future, I sincerely hope I’m able to see Kimberly, as I know I’ll be in good hands.

  2. Kimberly VanWinkle was my physical therapist. She helped in so many ways and was very patient with me. I am 80 years old with many health issues. The PT program she put me through helped a lot. She put therapeutic tape on shoulder, and neck, and stomach, that tape is like magic. It really works. She is very professional and her knowledge of helping was first class. Thank you Kimberly.

  3. “This is to express my support and admiration of Therapeutic Associates, Gateway Physical Therapy. After four back surgeries and two hip replacements and considerable pain and suffering. I obtained a referral for physical therapy with this clinic.

    To start with, the clinic is conveniently located with abundant parking at the intersection of Harlow Road and Laura Street in Springfield. The receptionists are friendly, accepting, and knowledgeable; the clinic is immaculate, and nicely decorated with art photographs of local river scenes. PT Tyler Shupe, the physical therapist assigned to me, is the sort of manly man men appreciate at once and ladies smile when mentioning his name to one and another. He is supportive, professional, and dedicated to the health and welfare of his patients. Since I have started on this physical therapy, my morale is greatly enhanced and I have noticed improvement in pain control and balance after the first appointment. I look forward to continued improvement in pain control, balance, and morale as therapy goes forward.

    If Therapeutic Associates were an eatery, it would be rated five star cordon bleu. I would gladly recommend this clinic to my family and friends.”

  4. I am very pleased with the results of my PT. Leah Conchieri prescribed a series of stretches that has relieved the pain in my shoulder and has enabled me to get back on the tennis court. Thank you, Leah!

  5. I had been injured on a Disney ride and was in lots of pain from it. My PT was amazing and very understanding on my needs. The staff was also very patient with my crazy schedule due to many appointments. I had a great experience and would totally recommend this place to people. They help me so much that I’m finally back to work after being off for about 6 weeks. I’m very happy to be able to enjoy my time with family without pain.

  6. I loved every minute coming here. Val is nice, listens, and has shown me that all is not lost, and I can function again. I am ecstatic with all the progress I’ve made, and I would recommend her again and again.

  7. I had a bad sprain in my deltoid muscle from helping someone I don’t like to do something I did not want to do. The pain was enough to send me to the doctor three times. I got muscle relaxers and a referral for PT. Thank God for Valerie! She gently guided my exercises until the pain was gone and the weakness was getting better. I am now back to full motion in my arm. Three cheers for Valerie!

  8. Leah has helped me tremendously throughout these past few months. I basically limped through the doors on day one, now I can walk with very minimal discomfort. It’s amazing. I truly recommend Leah for her patience and understanding of the way the human body works. She opened my eyes and showed me things I never knew before. I also can’t thank her enough for helping me get closer to where I need to be in my life. Thank you, form the bottom of my heart.

  9. I am extremely pleased with the care given to me by Leah Conchieri and Shane Baze. I had been limping since a TKR in September 2016 requiring a second surgery in March 2018 for scar tissue removal. Mechanical problem solved. But I had 18 months of abnormal gait to unlearn. Leah and Shane identified my stiff/weak deficits and started a regimen to increase ROM/strength. With improvement there was repeated assessment identifying the related effect on my ankle and hip.

  10. Very professional, knowledgeable staff. Very helpful and caring.

  11. My experience with Josh Hagemeyer at TAI has been wonderful. Two times in three years I have needed therapy for different reasons. Both times were very positive and successful results. I would recommend to anyone and everyone if you want the best results possible call TAI. A very warm and welcoming staff for sure.

  12. Allow these brief comments to point out a very high level of satisfaction in the analysis and treatment of musculoskeletal problem I had. Your facility is welcoming, and staff PT Leah was and is highly professional in communication and delivery of a balanced and responsive treatment program. I would recommend your staff and program to anyone in need of PT. The outcomes speak for themselves. You all have a bright future in this field. Thank you.

  13. When I first arrived at Gateway Physical Therapy, I had been suffering for almost 3 weeks. I had gone to an urgent care, the emergency room and a doctor’s office. I received pills from all 3 visits but got no relief. I was unable to sit, unable to drive and could only lay short periods of time, and then only if I had an ice pack. Finally, my primary doctor decided I needed therapy and what a difference it made. I had 2 therapists: Josh and Joshua, and after my 1st visit I received some relief. Everyone there was kind and gentle. They listened to me and put together a plan to help me find more relief. Now after my sixth visit, I can lay all night, I can sit again for short periods and I can even drive again. At first, I felt helpless but now I am believing in a full recovery!

  14. I needed help getting over damage I caused to my nerves in my lower back, rear and legs, and the bad pain that came with that. Leah taught me how to stretch those really tight muscles back there and it really worked! I now do a bunch of stretches nearly every day and I’m doing great! Thank you so mush Leah and everyone.

  15. First of all, the whole staff at Therapeutical Associates are so helpful and friendly. This is my second session with my physical therapist, Leah Conchieri. During my first PT she really helped me so much with exercises to relieve the sciatic nerve pain in my right leg. I chose her again following my back surgery. I needed to now what I could do and not do physically and how to do it as I had no idea. Leah started me out with building core muscles and then proceeded to increase my abilities with more exercised. She always explained what the exercise was for and how it would help me function normally. Leah is just so calm, so knowledgeable and helpful on how our bodies work or need to work to achieve our full potential. She will be the one I call upon with questions or further PT. I appreciate all she has done for me!

  16. Leah was great. I felt so comfortable with her and she put me right at ease on the first visit. I came for a knee injury and she made it so much better. I would highly recommend Leah. 5 Stars.

  17. I had a great experience with all the staff — Val did a great job to help with my knee to full recovery.

    Shane also did a good job.

    Val did a great job — I will be back when I have my other knee done and I will get my appointment with Val!

    Thank you very much.

  18. I have been to Therapeutic Associates for two separate injuries. I came back due to the happy demeanor of the staff. It is very pleasant to come here for feeling better! Shane is an amazing therapist!

  19. Therapeutic Associates staff have been very helpful in getting me back to use my knee. The exercises, both pool and in office, have been beneficial to my health.

  20. Over the past 3 years, Josh has helped me with all of my injuries. We have done massage therapy, traction, and water therapy. I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am without Josh (he is awesome).

  21. I have been a very happy patient with Therapeutic Associates for many years. I have been treated for chronic arthritis, post four different joint replacement surgeries, and post two different fractures. I have also referred a number of friends and associates here with very good outcomes. The therapists have been and continue to be incredibly effective and supportive of my needs.

  22. Our 17-year-old son had his ACL torn and Dr. Joshua Hagemeyer helped him in his recovery. We sincerely appreciate all his work and the kind and professional way he assisted our son during the 6-month recovery period.
    – Eliana A.