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Jennifer Randall, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Jenn Randall is a New York native. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College. She also competed on the Ithaca College track and field and cross country teams, where she earned All-American accolades. While at Ithaca College, Jenn worked as a personal trainer.

She enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic conditions and helping people get back to the activities they love. She is a USATF certified level one coach and has experience working with athletes of all ages. In her free time Jenn enjoys running, hiking, biking, and coaching youth track.

Blog Posts written by Jennifer Randall

man gripping shoulder
Why do I have shoulder pain after doing push-ups?

I recently started working out more frequently, doing 3-5 hour long yoga sessions every week and trying to build arm strength by doing 30 push ups (with my knees down) every day. A few days ago, I noticed a sometimes-dull sometimes-sharp ache in my right shoulder when I'm going about my day - whether sitting on my computer during work, or making dinner, or even reading.

group of people lifting heavy barbells in gym
I'm experiencing pain while weight training after a six month hiatus

I’m beginning a weight training program after a long hiatus (6 months) from any kind of training. When I did my first lower body day, I had to stop after my first set of body weight walking lunges because of sharp pain in my glutes and the tops of my hamstrings. This was the 4th exercise of my workout and I warmed up and stretched beforehand.

Can you help with treating chronic pain in the deep tissue muscle?

My mother has had chronic pain in the deep tissue muscle and/or bone on her right hip joint/buttocks muscle. I was thinking about purchasing a percussive theragun to loosen the muscle that is causing her pain. We have tried a foam roller but it is hard for her to get down on the ground to even use it and getting back up.

man gripping shoulder
After I recover from a strained rhomboid, would it be advised to use a rowing machine?

I've been considering purchasing an indoor rowing machine for exercise. My usual exercise is cycling or swimming. I still cycle year-round outdoors or at home on a trainer but due to the pandemic, I am avoiding indoor public spaces so I will not be swimming now that the outdoor pools around here are closed.

person grabbing low back pain
Could my pain in the upper pelvis and lower back be from doing calf raises? 

The other day i did a lot of calf raises and now my calves are sore. But also my upper left pelvis and lower back hurt. Can that because of doing calf raises? 

featured-ankle strength
Why is pain still present despite improved range of motion and strength after an ankle injury?

I sprained my ankle 4 - 5 weeks ago. I have no pain at rest or during daily activities, full range of motion (ROM) in the injured ankle, and greater than 90% of the strength/function, but there is still slight pain (about 2 out of 10) during functional tests (e.g., hop test). Is this normal despite full ROM and decent symmetry? Why is this pain still present despite improved ROM and strength?

Groin Pain - Pop in Groin - Physical Therapy Treatment - Oregon, Washington, Idaho
What to expect for recovery from a muscle strain injury

I believe I strained or partially tore a groin muscle 6 weeks back. I've tried to stay off it as much as possible, and ice the area several times a day, but I still experience some tightness in the area. Should I be pain and tightness free when it's time to resume exercise and activity on it?