Patient Stories

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  1. I was convinced I was broken! Unfixable! With bursitis in both hips plus my lower back was causing pain, I could barely walk more than 100 ft without having to squat down or sit down because of the pain. Then, I met my hero!!! Jared Nelson is a rockstar! He worked with me, (plus I had to do my part too) but he showed me what I needed to do to get better. I got my life back! Thank u Jared and therapeutic Associates! Ur awesome!

  2. Where can I start? Oh, I know. With my broken bones. First it was my left upper arm. After surgery of a plate and 9 screws the doctor told me not to expect more than 80% of the use of my arm back. Well Janie helped me get to 99%. I am and was so thankful for her. She is GREAT. Two years later it was my right ankle. Plate and 6 screws. Same story from the doctor. However, again, Janie worked her magic and I could not be happier about the end results. So happy to be able to walk again like a NORMAL person. Even up and down our stairs to my happy place. My sewing room. Thank you Janie for all you did for me. Miss you, but don’t need another broken bone. You are the GREATEST. Keep up the GREAT work, as I know you will.

  3. Amber is a wonderfully skilled therapist. I feel today that I am back to 100% normal life after a pretty gnarly shoulder injury. 6 months ago I never thought I would make it to where I am today. All of Amber’s exercises worked. She explained what we were doing and why we were doing it, which made me become really actively involved in my recovery. Everyone at Therapeutic Associates West Eugene is fantastic. Nice, human, accommodating to schedules. I will recommend to anyone with any need for PT. Thank you all so very much for getting me back to my active lifestyle!

  4. I had a knee replacement and, after getting out of rehab, went to TAI for PT. Brad and Jenny helped me regain full movement of my knee. They gave me an excellent exercise program that I could do at home. I came into the office twice weekly and received excellent care and lots of encouragement from all the staff members at TAI. I would recommend TAI to anyone needing PT. Thanks to everyone for all their help in my recovery.

    – Nettie

  5. My therapist, Amber, did a wonderful job! She was very understanding of my pain and explained to me in understandable terms why I was having the pain. She started me out with easy exercises and increased the difficulty as I improved. After several weeks of working with me, my pain was gone. She discharged me with a program that she and I hope will continue to leave me pain free.

    – Allan

  6. Amber is an expert. All her exercises worked. Her prognosis was right. All my questions were answered. When I first came in, my hip pain caused limping and slowness. When I was discharged yesterday, I have no pain for the most part! Success!

    – Charlotte

  7. I would like to thank Brad and the rest of the group at West Eugene PT. I had a high tibial osteotomy earlier this year, and Brad and his team were instrumental to my recovery. In addition to providing excellent care, Brad was incredibly positive during my difficult recovery process. I highly recommend Brad and his team.

    – Thomas

  8. It has been a great experience. Emily is a great therapist and I’ve enjoyed all my time with her! Thanks!

    – Pat

  9. I was experiencing ongoing knee problems and was referred to Therapeutic Associates. The help I received not only strengthened my knee but also gave me the knowledge to rehabilitate on my own.

    – Alex

  10. Emily Baughman was the first physical therapist that successfully treated the root cause of my shoulder pain and its limited range of motion. Emily devoted ample time for manual manipulation of my shoulder, back, and chest muscles to treat my problem. In the past, I never received this level of attention, and perhaps this is why I continued to have problems with my shoulder until I had the good fortune of being under Emily’s care.

    – Arthur P.

  11. Not once- but twice on different occasions, I pulled muscles getting thrown from a jet ski. Both times I received great therapy from both Emily and Janie. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks TAI and thanks ladies.

    – Hal R.

  12. I am very happy with the outcome of my bilateral knee replacement, thanks largely to Molly Loder of Therapeutic Associates. Molly was impeccable in her skill and her professionalism in getting me back on my feet, so to speak. Thanks to the whole staff as well.

    – Chris L.

  13. Josh and Mariah took me from limited activity after a total hip replacement to full activity today. I fell on December 9, 2010, had surgery December 10, and started PT at the end of January. Many hours of massage, exercise, ultrasound, and “atta girls” and I am back to my pre-fall self five months after I fell! One must have a good surgeon, but the outcome depends just as much on excellent physical therapy and patient persistence. I mean patient persistence in both senses of the phrase: the patient must be patient, and the patient must patiently persist. If you do what they tell you to do, you will recover!!

    – Hannah Dean