Patient Stories

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  1. Jason Zhao was very helpful in assessing my knee problem (while riding a bike) and provided thoughtful and insightful suggestions on how to approach my recovery. I have been searching for a PT like Jason for some time, someone who would listen to me about my problem and then explain what he thinks is going on and how to treat it. Jason is very knowledgeable about the body and how it works and is able to describe which muscles, tendons, or how your physical activities may be causing the issue. I highly recommend Jason because he was able to help me reduce my knee pain and allow me to ride my bike again. The supporting staff are wonderful and friendly. –Greg Fitzpatrick

  2. Jason Zhao provided PT for me after I damaged my Achilles Tendon in July 2017. I was planning to cycle the Pacific Coast of California in Sept and this injury set me back. Jason worked with me thru Sept and was able to reduce the swelling and strengthen the Achilles so I was able to ride on my dream trip. The ride was 1129 miles and I carried all my gear (46 lbs of it) on the bike. Without the care and attention I received from Jason I would not have been able to make this dream trip come true. He is awesome!

  3. I had been suffering from knee pain for several years – I finally went to a sports medicine doc who referred me to PT. A friend suggested Therapeutic Associates in Corvallis. After the first visit my knee was 75% better and just continued to get better and better. I am now pain free! I highly recommend them! Check them out!

  4. The PT helped to substantially improve my long-term chronic back/knee/foot problem. They are straightforward and tuned in to the latest thinking in physical therapy. Beneficial, extensive stretches and exercises were carefully explained and supervised before given as homework. They have excellent perspective on what hiking is helpful and what to avoid.

    -Larry Mahrt

  5. The staff is an excellent choice for anyone requiring physical therapy in order to get back on track from an injury.

    After taking a serious fall in June 2014, I started to use their services after I dislocated my left hip. I was still experiencing pain and difficulty walking when I started the TAI program.

    They carefully monitored my healing on a weekly basis, utilizing a variety of therapies and carefully managed exercises. Part of the secret to success is their ability to keep the patient motivated; that’s the case with me. Thru making adjustments and explaining the rationale behind each movement, I progressed quickly over 4 weeks. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their assistance in regaining my strength, balance, mobility and returning to work.

    Check them out! You’ll be glad you did!

    Peter R. Dufour Ph.D.

  6. My Doctor sent me to Therapeutic Associates PT – Corvallis to help me recover from an automobile accident. I did not know anything about Physical Therapy at the time. During my months of treatment, I received THE best rehabilitation and education.

    Trusting someone with your pain and recovery isn’t easy. However, if my neck (literally) were on the line (again), I would only trust the team at TAI to save it!


  7. I am back to doing my yardwork and gardening without pain for longer spans of time. Thank you for your excellent treatment and courtesy. Your staff is great!

    -Chris Valdez

  8. Best physical therapy I have ever had! Thank you!

  9. The enthusiasm shown for my recovery was amazing. These people were the first I saw who believed it could happen. Thank you!