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While each aspect of setting SMART goals matters, what truly distinguishes the successful endeavors from the unsuccessful is...
Goals fall within two basic categories — outcome goals and process goals. One rarely works without the other...
If you want to increase your knowledge or gain competency on any of the equipment that we offer...
Lead author: Paul CooleyAdditional contributing author: David Deppeler Running is a remarkable sport for both its instinctive origin...
When an athlete participates in an aerobic profile, lactate threshold or VO2 max test, it allows the coach...
If you are a runner, chances are you have experienced back pain at some point. Your pain may...
A runner’s ability to maintain a relaxed posture and fluid running form goes beyond mileage, intensity, and strength....
Dynamic Warm-up – Download here (PDF) General Core Strength – Download here (PDF) Functional Strength For Runners – Download here (PDF) Partner Band Core – Download...
These drills are an effective tool for increasing rhythm, agility, speed, balance, and body control throughout many athletic...
A kettle bell is nothing more than a heavy metal ball with a handle, however don’t confuse the...
The fundamental five is a running specific series of exercises aimed at improving your postural stability. Start with...
Key exercises that keep some of the world’s best runners healthy. Published in Running Times (Feb/Mar 2013) As...

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Health & Wellness
As the prevalence of childhood obesity continues to be a concern in the U.S., it is crucial for parents to prioritize including movement and physical activities in their kids’ lives. The first step? Be a positive role model!
Athletic Performance
Even if we wear the best shoes and have the most optimal form, taking specific care of our feet is an important part of any training program. 
Foot & Ankle, Running
Physical Therapy
Research continues to provide evidence that a combination of manual therapy, active movement/exercise, and patient education produces the best results toward the goal of unrestricted, pain-free participation in daily work and recreational activities.
injury rehabilitation, pain relief, physical therapy
Working with a physical therapist when an injury or surgery results in the need for you to use a walking boot is the optimal way to ensure your exercise program is tailored to you and designed to maximize your recovery.
Exercise, Foot & Ankle, physical therapy
Nursing mothers can face challenges such as clogged milk ducts. PTs who specialize in women's health can provide optimal support and effective solutions to this condition.
parenting, physical therapy, Women's Health
If pain due to HSD and EDS affects the hands, it affects most aspects of our lives. Our hands are one of the main avenues we use to interact with our world and each other.
hand therapy, physical therapy
Health & Wellness
There are many stressors associated with raising kids. However, these tips can help you counteract the PHYSICAL stressors associated with navigating our days and nights with littles in the mix.
Exercise, physical therapy
Understanding and managing Plantar Fasciitis includes recognizing symptoms and causes and practicing home treatment.
Foot & Ankle, pain relief
Health & Wellness
Call to action for all the moms out there! Consider something that’s important to you and write down a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound, and get started on changing your physical activity, health, and well-being.
Exercise, Movement, physical therapy

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