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Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI as we commonly know it, is an imaging tool that allows us to...
Rehabilitation, Performance and Recovery Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is a new and popular treatment intervention that can...
We are excited to meet the needs of our community by offering a private gym space available to...
Olympic weightlifting is a sport that is comprised of two lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk....
We are dedicated to not only keep student athletes healthy and on the field but performing at the...
Truth: Physical therapy is an investment in your quality of life. What does that mean to you? Most...
A common misconception about heavy weight training, especially among women, is that lifting heavy weight will lead to a bulky looking physique. It’s true that lifting heavy will promote hypertrophy in muscles leading to a size increase. However, the idea that it leads to a “bulky” look is untrue.

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Current Affairs
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy got its start in S. California in 1952. We hope you’ll join us throughout the year as we honor our legacy and share stories of our past, present and future.
Anniversary, Therapeutic Associates
Current Affairs
Post-COVID Syndrome or long-haulers can cause debilitating symptoms long after the virus is detectable in the body. As experts in movement, physical therapists can create a customized plan to guide you safely and successfully through recovery and back to optimal health.
COVID, physical therapy
Physical Therapy
There’s nothing like a tension headache to put a damper on the spirit of the holidays. When the craziness and...
Headaches, physical therapy, Stress, Treatment
Health & Wellness
The holiday season is full of opportunities for fun family time, but without some planning, the long break from school...
Exercise, Holidays, kids, Youth
Current Affairs
Many insurance companies have a benefit deadline of December 31. Consider getting your tune-up before insurance benefits reset or expire.
insurance, physical therapy
Health & Wellness
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which is an opportune time for us to highlight some basic facts about this condition and to explain how physical therapy as a supplementary treatment can help patients manage it.
Diabetes, physical therapy
Current Affairs
Each year, October marks National PT Month and our commitment, as an organization, to Global PT Day of Service. Across all the regions we serve, our PT Day of Service ambassadors were busy organizing, recruiting volunteers and participating in their service projects for 2021.
Health & Wellness
When it comes to physical therapy, it is easy to see why it would be needed after a surgical procedure. But did you know that it can be very useful in preparing your body for what comes after your surgery?
physical therapy, Surgery
If you have low back pain, you are far from alone. It’s one of the most common diagnoses we see...
back pain, physical therapy

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