Amputee Walk & Run Program

Amputee Walk & Run Program

Nearly every sport or activity begins by placing one step after the other. At Therapeutic Associates Bethany, we aim to help all those with a goal of running or other sport participation to thrive on their path to success. With evidence-based techniques and direct training from two of the most decorated American Paralympic sprinters, we consider all varieties of amputees eligible for functional training toward their goals.

We believe everyone should enjoy the therapeutic benefits of regular exercise, and have designed our program to help you achieve three main goals:

  • Maximize everyday function in your regular prosthesis
  • Avoid faulty mechanics predisposing one toward future injuries, complications, back pain, and joint breakdown
  • Optimize dynamic movements to fully return to running or other activities

What to Expect

Above- and below-knee amputees have used our methods to prepare for gold medal sprints in the Paralympics, and thousands more have been helped to all levels of active lifestyles. In your visit, we won’t even discuss big expensive running blades, because the mechanics need to be sound in your regular prosthesis first. Our system utilizes a comprehensive examination, including:

  • A whole-body evaluation of current functional level regarding your individual health profile, barriers to progress, and entrained movement patterns
  • Specific examination of your flexibility, strength, joint health, and residual limb integrity
  • Instruction in an individualized intervention program to target flexibility, strengthening, recruitment patterns, balance, and weight bearing
  • Inspection and discussion of prosthesis involvement in your progress

Whether your ultimate goal is to run a marathon or walk around the neighborhood, we encourage everyone to give maximizing their movement a chance.

Our Program Specialist

Paul Cooley PT, DPT (read full bio)

Paul has advanced training in Sport rehabilitation, including Amputee Return to Sport. He is actively developing Adaptive Sports for disabled individuals in the Portland area and hopes to help all of his patients improve their vitality.

For questions, contact Paul at: [email protected]